Top 10 Los angeles tips

Download the Universal Studios Hollywood app.

This is one of the most HELPFUL, VERSATILE UNIVERSAL STUDIOS TIPS AND TRICKS ON THIS WHOLE FRIGGIN LIST.  SERIOUSLY. DO IT. It’s basically an all-in-one guide to the park, right from your phone, with a map of the park, upcoming shows, estimate ride wait times, the location of restaurants and shops, and character meet and greets!

The Universal Studios Hollywood park offers FREE WIFI!

That’s SUPER helpful especially for those from abroad who are traveling without an international data plan, allowing you to take advantage of the Universal Studios Hollywood app even if you don’t have data!

Bring a backup charger.

We did see backup charger rentals around the park, but we bring our own wherever we go, and it sure helped having that extra juice given how much we relied on that Universal Studios Hollywood app!

Bring a small bag…or no bag at all!

A big bag will quickly be a hassle as you traverse the park, and there’s really no need to bring nothing more than a small drawstring backpack like this. The only things we put in our bag are: water bottle, phone, phone cord and back-up charger, zip-lock baggies for phone, back-up charger, and wallet to protect from water, sunglasses, chapstick, wallet, keys, and snacks.

But if you DO bring a bag, take advantage of free lockers when you go on the rides!

Don’t risk losing items on ride. While some rides have a small storage compartment for holding your bag, we highly recommend taking advantage of the free lockers so as not to risk losing anything. If you DO use a storage compartment on a ride, ALWAYS check it before leaving the ride to make sure you leave nothing behind. READ MORE: Coolest Things to Do in LA

Come early before the park opens.

On any average day at Universal Studios Hollywood, there will already be a line at the entrance right when the park opens. And here’s a bonus tip: when considering what time you should arrive at the park, factor in at least twenty minutes to walk through Citywalk, and get through security. Take advantage of all the time you have while the park is open! If you need ideas for something to do after Universal Studios Hollywood closes, this celebrity chef cake decorating studio is a fairly short drive away. If you watch Ace of Cakes, you’ll want to check it out!

Buy your park tickets online.

It’s easier than ever to buy Universal Studios Hollywood tickets online, so don’t bother wasting time at the park buying your tickets in person. Those are valuable minutes you could be using to explore! BUT HERE’S AN EVEN BETTER TIP. Make sure to check Groupon deals for Universal Studios Hollywood, as you can save major bucks buying through this discount retailer! Right now through Groupon, you get a discount AND a FREE DAY. Deals are always changing, so be sure to check the link first to see what’s currently available.

If you buy your tickets online you’ll get Early Park Admission to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

To take advantage of Early Park Admission show up one hour before the park opens with your online-purchased tickets!

Consider buying Anytime Admission tickets online for the ultimate flexibility.

This is especially helpful for those out-of-towners who are planning their vacation to LA way in advance, and are not sure exactly which date they’ll end up attending the park. With these special tickets, you’ll be able to visit on whatever date ends up working out best for your vacation!