Top 10 Lolololz tips

Walk and talk slowly.

Walk with your hands in your pockets, and do it very slowly. Shuffle forward like a rat in a burrow. **What to do: Specific Instructions?**Next time you’re walking down a busy street and as you’re getting IOIs from post-wall sluts, I want you to follow this tip: walk slowly, and squeeze your butt cheeks with as much focus as you can muster, and thrust your pelvis forward in an aggressive and rhythmic fashion. **The Benefits:**The people around you will begin to notice your clenched butt cheeks and will deferentially walk around you at a distance in deference to your air of superiority. You’ll be walking the streets on your own terms. I did this with a HB 8.65 plate who I was dread-gaming on my right arm and I felt so badass.Essentially this goes hand in hand with Law 543: Master the art of doing things as slow as you can.Thanks folks - please post results.