Lifehacks tips

Use one of these on the OUTSIDE of your windscreen to stop the morning frost! Vinegar & hot water can damage your windsheild. TYL

Tip for 5-minute crafts new video?

Loop grocery bag handles over both ends of glove box for a nice, strong, and easily accessible trash collector.

When ordering delivery, always indicate "tip drivers with cash upon delivery." Your food will come sooner and you will know where your money is going.

Use your phone to search for nearby WiFi signals to determine if power is out in your area.

Cut your frozen food bag open all the way, and use what you cut off to seal the bag again.

Pick Up Out-of-Town Guests at Departures.

It's the winter holidays and if you are hosting people you will likely have to pick some one up at the airport. In many of the most congested airports, the arrivals/baggage claim area is a madhouse. If you have ever been through New York then you understand you can sometimes spend 20 mins just trying to get through this area in your car. Instead of picking up at arrivals, pick people up at departures. Traffic in arrivals is slow because people are waiting on others to come out, whereas the opposite is true in departures, people are in and out. Try it out. My cousin is a flight attendant and I frequently pick her up from the airport and this tip can save you a couple of mins instead of waiting in traffic.

When buying an expensive gadget or electronic device like smartphone or laptop, read through the support forums in addition to online reviews