Top 10 Lego tips

Optimum Water Park Hours

Visit the LEGOLAND ®Waterpark early to avoid the crowds. I recommend arriving before 11am to avoid long lines. Another option is to visit the waterpark after 3pm, as crowds tend to dissipate around that time.

Make the Most of Ride Swapping

As a family, you probably have kids of different ages which means one or more of your kids might not be able to ride certain attractions. Families can do a “child swap,” though, which allows one parent to ride with the older child and then swap with the other parent immediately after the ride. This is one of our LEGOLAND Florida tips that lets families enjoy all the park has to offer without any hassle!

Use Package Pick-up Service

You’re at LEGOLAND® with your kids. Let’s face it – you’re going to buy some LEGO bricks. To avoid carrying your purchases around all day, use the free package pick-up service. Simply leave your purchase with the attendant at the store and you can pick it up in the Market at the end of the day.

Download the Free LEGOLAND® App

The app features up-to-date ride wait times for each attraction so you can plan your day accordingly. Skip the busiest rides, like Ford Driving School, and come back when the app shows a shorter wait.

Avoid Long Lines

Along with the LEGOLAND® App, which will help with avoiding those long lines, you should arrive early to avoid the long lines. Start in the back of the park then work your way forward. Rides like Safari Trek and Coastersauraus can be skipped initially when crowds might be high. Come back for those rides around 3pm for hardly any wait at all.

Check Out the Baby Care Center

As far as LEGOLAND Florida tips go, this one is geared towards parents with little ones. If you’re traveling with a little one, you know how vital a top-notch baby care center can be. At LEGOLAND® they have a premium Baby Care Center. It is equipped with bottle warmers, a microwave, refrigerator, rockers for nursing moms, high chairs and a changing station stocked with diapers. Plus, it’s one of the best quiet locations in the park for when your baby needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the theme park.

Schedule Time to Build a Robot

Have a child 9 years or older? They can build a computerized robot at the Mindstorms center in the Imagination Zone. Stop by when you first arrive at the park to make a reservation for later in the day, as the activity books up fast.

Bring Bathing Suits

You might not plan on visiting the LEGOLAND® Waterpark. Even so, it’s a good idea to bring the kids’ bathing suits for those warm summer days. There are water features located throughout the main LEGOLAND® Florida park. These water play area can get kids pretty soaked, so it’s nice to have a change of clothes.

Pack Snacks

LEGOLAND® allows you to bring in snacks and a water bottle, so you can stretch your hard earned dollars. Pack a few snacks and water bottles to keep the kids from getting hungry or thirty before you have an actual meal at the park. Trust me, this is one of our LEGOLAND Florida tips that will not only save you money but help keep the "hangries" at bay.

Plan Your Meal Times

If you want to dine at the park, be sure to plan your meal times. Restaurants and cafes within the park have different operating hours than the actual park. Generally, they open later and close earlier. Therefore, don’t plan on trying to eat at the park an hour before it closes. Most sit-down spots will already be shutting down.