Learn japanese tips

Put your Google Home device in Japanese.

I was able to do this by switching my Android phone to Japanese, and then going into my Google Home app and playing with the settings. My Mini device needed to reconnect to my phone, and then it was in Japanese. It's fun to ask the weather, set alarms and timers, ask it questions, etc. The prompt is OK, グーグル or ね、グーグル.

Genki books are $20 cheaper on Japanese Amazon

Planning to read light novels? Select ones that have an anime that's based on it and watch it first. You now have visuals to go along with the descriptions in the text.

This works really well with stories like 君の名は where the movie is full of visuals and non-dialogue scenes. Anime series may go out of order between what's presented in the books (Goblin Slayer for instance), but that's not too bad as you will remember locations where actions took place and feel the atmosphere as the words come to life in your mind's eye. Some people don't like to do this as it "spoils" the story. However, if it's a good story then it will be good on a reread or reading after you watched the adaption. Still, it's up to you on what you do. Eventually, yes, you need to move to more dense books and even non-fiction. However, for your trek to N1 level reading comprehension, light novels are a great source. Perhaps make a goal of 50 light novels between N4 and N1 levels of learning.

Change Location on YouTube

Stand on the Left

“Always stand on the left when using an escalator. Everyone does this, no exceptions. Make sure you pick the correct side of the escalator. If you can’t remember which side that is, just follow the others.”Clemens, Travellers Archive UPDATE: The exception is Osaka, where you should stand on the right.


“Bowing in Japanese society is extremely important, and the ritual is filled with rules and etiquette many travellers will not be expected to know or understand. As a general ‘cheat’ you should keep your back and neck straight and bow at the same angle as the person in front of you, and this will get you a lot of brownie points for being polite.”Mike, Bemused Backpacker

Top Tip: Don’t forget your travel adapter. Japan sockets are like USA two pin sockets.This Worldwide USB Travel Adapter is perfect for UK residents wherever you travel.

Take Off Your Shoes

“Always look for shoes in the entrances of buildings. If you see them, be sure to remove your shoes before entering. Wearing shoes indoors, especially in homes and some businesses, is seen as very rude and dirty.”Kay, Jet Farer

Never Leave a Tip!

“It is very offensive to leave a tip and it will often be refused. It implies that the person you are tipping doesn’t earn very much.”Natasha, The World Pursuit