Top 10 Leagueoflegends tips

Your Shop" is coming next patch, so play with the champions you want a skin of!.

Your Shop" is currently on PBE, which means it will be on the live servers next patch! "Your Shop", for those who are wondering is a "store" that randomizes 6 skins to be on sale for you. These skins can have up to 70% discount and are from champions that you recently played!​

You can dance while snared by Malzahar's ult.

I've play this game for a number of years and never realized this till last night. I think it takes a lot of the frustration away from being ult'd by malz. Kinda makes qss unnecessary. Edit : snare should be suppression?

You can type in "fzz" in the search bar for to ban fizz faster so you can just use 1 hand to ban him more easily.

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Don't fucking auto regular wards during baron if you have a control ward.

Literally fucking lost my plat 2 promos because a support went to auto a ward while it was disabled. We were really behind and got a 4 for 0 and really needed to get this baron. It was a 5v1 against the enemy top laner but our jungler had no smite. It shouldn't be a problem, we had a control ward and there was no scuttle so there was no way the enemy top would have been able to take it if played correctly. We put the control ward down, got it to 5k and then the enemy top warded it. We continued hitting baron and about 2k our fucking support went over, hit the ward, the top laner flashed in and stole the baron.It is crazy how no one knows about this. When a ward is disabled and you auto it, it will give the other team vision.

You can skip the "Defeat" animation by spam clicking the rough location of the continue button.

Source: 10 game losing streak.Edit: Its not about "saving time." Its about the salt..

Self Shockwave into Flash.


If you're trying to escape from someone as Morde, cast your E in front of you while you're running.

That way, the claw will travels towards and behind you, pushing your chaser away from you.A lot of people are probably gonna assume that Death's Grasp's only purpose is initiation and wave clear. Just wanted to point out a less obvious use for it.

If you need to get an S for mastery or for a chest play a round of Blind Twisted Treeline. 90% of the accounts playing that game mode are bots and you can get an S very easily.

All jokes aside I just played a match of blind 3v3 in a desperate attempt to play Mordekaiser. Needless to say I played with 5 bots and didn't really have a chance to enjoy things. Yes Twisted Treeline is mastery point eligible so farm away. Its sad to see that the game mode has quite literally devolved into a mode for grinding exp

When playing Katarina vs Cassiopeia turn back before using your ult and you won't be stunned.

As i said in the title, if katarina turn back before using the ult she won't be stunned by Cassiopeia, because the direction Katarina is facing when she starts the ult will be the same during the channeling!