Leagueoflegends tips

You can block Rek'Sais Tunnel by placing a ward on it.

It works on enemy and friendly Tunnel you just have to place a ward in the middle of the entranceAs a result the ward blocks the entrance and Rek'Sai cant click on it anymoreOn enemys it only works for some seconds because the ward will become invisible unless you place a pink ward

You can find stats for champions on their offroles if you specify the lane in the url.

For example, there are only 379 jungle Kaisa logged on op.gg and if you type in na.op.gg/champion/kaisa/statistics/jungle you'll get her jungle stats and build recommendations. You can even find stats for, say, Lux top in this way. I hope that other people can find this tip as useful as I do. Thanks for reading!

You can Mikaels yourself as support before you get ccd and get cleansed.

If you use mikaels a half-second before you get stunned you can cleanse yourself I figured I’d share since a lot of people and auto filled supports have no clue

If your ADC has smite on in champ select and they aren't noticing your chat spam, offer a trade so the sound attracts them to the client. This way, they can read chat and put heal on.

Now you can enjoy your games with an ADC that is guaranteed not to have smite.

When warding Baron, place the ward "Behind" his head to make it harder for the enemy to clear it.

If your ward is placed around the top of the pit so that Baron's head obscures it, the enemy will have to risk auto attacking Baron and aggro-ing it, meaning they'll probably take a fair bit longer actually clearing the ward.

With Thresh, you can activate mastery icon while pulling an enemy with Death Sentence for ultimate bm.

Step 1: Connect Q to an enemy.Step 2: Press ctrl-6 (or bind that to a single key for better ease of use).Step 3: Press Q again to pull/fly to your enemy.Step 4: ?????.Step 5: ProfitHere's an example although the play isn't that great in itself. Looks better and has more bm-factor when enemies are farther when hooked, and especially when doing Madlife-like plays. Need a bit of training to slip in the ctrl-6 in between Q's though. Enjoy!

If you ping the portrait of someone on the left side of the screen it will ping automatically to them.

Title.My friend just discovered it by accident