Top 10 Korean tips

Speak Japanese Every Day

He adds: “Also, speak with a real native every single day! Private tutors who live in Japan on iTalki are only $5/hour – and you thought everything in Japan was expensive!”

Invest In Some Quality Japanese Learning Material

“Invest in a solid dictionary that has Kanji, the Hiragana for each Kanji and an English definition. Also, pick up Barron's Japanese Grammar book immediately. Wait on purchasing a Kanji dictionary or cards until later in your studies,” says Jessica Aves

Find Out How To Use Japanese Words Naturally

Tatoeba has an extensive resource of sample sentences.

Self-care with a sheet mask.

Sheet masks push hydrating ingredients into the skin. Put one on over your moisturizer for 10 minutes at night, and your skin will be dewy the next day. —Day

Be patient when using retinol.

Using retinol is a marathon, not a sprint. It stimulates collagen but can irritate. Start using it once per week, over a moisturizer. —Joshua Zeichner

Facial Exercises

One simple and very common facial exercise that all Korean women follow is that of repeating “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu” that helps the cheek and lip muscles and makes the features sharp. Deep breathing is another common practice they follow for good skin.

Peel pads are almost too easy not to use.

Glycolic acid treats lines and dark spots. It's most effective in individually wrapped peel pads (the pH of glycolic acid can change when it’s exposed to air). —Wu

Use A Good Online Japanese Dictionary

But which one? “Weblio is the best dictionary I've ever seen, with English-Japanese and Japanese-English translations,” says Jorge Manoel.

Use a washcloth.

“Use a washcloth. You will notice a difference in how clean you smell at the end of the day versus just soaping yourself with the bar. Cloth removes a lot more grime and dirt than just water running over you.” —murder1

Use Memrise To Learn To Read The Kanawriting System

“I dove straight into learning Kana [and] I found the system on Memrise to present it very well,” explains Benny Lewis.