Top 10 Korean tips

Get Your Daily News Fix From A Japanese Source

NHK News Web Easy is the kind of site that the internet was made for. Up-to-date news made easier for Japanese learners, with audio recording and accompanying text (complete with furigana, definitions and some word filtering tools). Once you've mastered the easy version, you can click on the link to view the original full-length news report in black-belt level Japanese. Amazing stuff!

Glycolic acid works, too.

New to chemical peels? Try glycolic acid for normal skin, salicylic acid for oily or combination skin, and gentle lactic acid for dry or sensitive skin. —Day

Honey Application in Daily Regimen

Koreans apply raw and unfiltered honey on the face as a basic mask for enhancing their beauty. This only needs to be kept for 5 minutes and then washed off with a cream cleanser. This helps in adding nourishment to the skin. It also helps in hydrating the skin and making it soft and supple. This is an easy and affordable process that should be followed daily.

There's A Lot More To Learning Japanese Songs Than Just The Words

As a way into a Japanese community, focus on learning songs that are relevant to your age group. “Karaoke is basically the unofficial national sport,” says Jessica Aves. “Japanese people love when foreigners can belt out their songs (the older it is, the louder they'll react) so get your practice in early. Karaoke groups are also a great way to make friends.” She tells you exactly which bands to listen to! [Note: Get your Japanese song lyrics from]

Piss on your feet every time you shower.

“If you’re prone to smelly feet, piss on them every time you shower. The urea kills bacteria. Remember to wash them afterwards, though :).” —cunt-hooks

The Three-Step Daily Routine

Among the Korean secrets and routines for maintaining their beautiful look, cleansing, toning and moisturizing using top-notch products are definitely a must. In fact, after moisturizing, Koreans use a skin serum as well as the fourth step. It adds extra nourishment to the skin and keeps it healthy and radiant. See More: Kate Middleton Beauty Secrets

The Significance of Hydration

According to Koreans, drinking plenty of healthy fluids helps the skin glow and keeps it hydrated internally. It flushes out the toxins, dirt, and bacteria from the skin and rejuvenates and revives the skin well. They usually start their day by drinking a glass of plain water and also splash some cold water on the face in the early morning. For hydration, their meals are full of fruits and vegetables and low sodium intake for this purpose.

Don't Go To School

John Fotheringham from Language Mastery got in touch with this interesting take on Japanese learning and motivation: “Today's Japanese learner has unprecedented access to high quality teachers and resources, but it is critical to understand that no book, course, or teacher can ever get the language into your head for you. This is not The Matrix, Neo. Languages are acquired, not taught, meaning that fluency rests not on how many hours your butt has been in a classroom, but by how much meaningful exposure and practice you've had. Fortunately, the Internet allows you to find interesting listening and reading input and opportunities to practice speaking and writing output no matter where in the world you live or how little money you have. The limiting factor is no longer access, but motivation.” John's written a guide on how to learn Japanese that is essential reading for anyone learning the language – click here to check it out.

Wash your mildew-ridden towels!

“Wash your mildew-ridden towels! There are a ton of people that seemingly can’t smell mildew, and they’re clueless as to how bad they stink. I meet a handful of people each week that reek of it. If you have a towel that you use each day after showering, and haven’t changed in weeks, chances are high that it’s covered with the stuff. Wet and damp areas are the perfect breeding ground for mildew, keep your towels dry, and swap them out/wash them regularly.” —Vadoff

Using Face Packs Regularly

Koreans use a lot of skin products that is made within their country by various top-notch brands. One of the skin products that they totally believe in are face masks and packs. Each Korean woman uses two types of masks- cleansing and nourishing. It helps them refresh the face and reduce puffiness. They even have a lot of faith in homemade masks especially the ones made from honey and egg white. Another of the masks common in Korea is the one made from silkworm cocoon powder.