Korean tips

Importance of Beauty Sleep

About 6-8 hours of sleep is important for maintaining the beauty of the skin as per the Koreans and professionals all around the globe. This one secret is totally believed by the women in that country. It has been seen that sleep rejuvenates the skin cells, removes the dead skin layer, and gives glowing skin. See More: Megan Fox Beauty Tips

Using Skin Care Items

Koreans have a range of skincare products that they use each day for keeping the skin flawless and problem-free.

Facial Exercises

One simple and very common facial exercise that all Korean women follow is that of repeating “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu” that helps the cheek and lip muscles and makes the features sharp. Deep breathing is another common practice they follow for good skin.

Less Makeup

Most Korean women believe in natural beauty and thus applied less makeup as compared to other women around the globe.

Using Eye Cream

A good quality eye cream used under the eyes each day is one of the secrets of Korean beauty.

Night Cream Advantage

For gorgeous skin, the application of a good branded night cream is a must. It helps in locking the skin moisture for the entire night. You will wake up fresh and beautiful for sure. See More: Kate Middleton Beauty Secrets

The YouTube channel KoreanFilm has a lot of movies with Korean subtitles.

Hey, all! If you're like me and still want to use subtitles but find English subtitles unhelpful, you might want to check out the KoreanFilm YouTube channel. I don't like torrenting, so finding stuff to watch with Korean subs can be kind of hard...Not every movie has captions, but many do. Keep in mind the setting of the film you watch, or you might learn really old or dialecty Korean. Did a search and didn't see this channel mentioned here before, so I thought I'd share. If anyone knows of more sources like this, I'd love to hear about them! 좋은 하루 되세요!

Awesome resource.

The other day I was reading about online learning resources for Koreans looking to learn English and came across this site. While it's intended to be for the use of Korean people learning English, I've found it's really great the other way around, too! They show paragraphs written in English, then in Korean, which is a great way for anyone learning Korean to compare sentence structures and learn vocabulary, and they also have key expressions in English and Korean so that you can learn how to say things that are slightly nuanced in English, in Korean. Moreover they show how to use certain structures in various ways for a better understanding. I'm definitely going to try to incorporate this site into my studies!

Does anyone use Korean Vis-ed Cards for Memorizing the 1000 most frequent words?.

I'm referring to this Deck: Korean Vis-Ed. Although the website seems to be having some issue.Does/has anyone used this to help memorize words?Are there other Physical Cards that you would recommend instead?Thanks

Free audio lessons.

So you gotta do a little work for them and have a library card, but this has been my best learning source for starting out.download Overdrive app. and then check to see if your library has "Mango passport korean" available. just type in korean and look mango passport.I don't think anyone will do this (I know i'm too lazy to follow a strangers directions) but it's so good that i kept having a nagging feeling about not sharing this.