Korean tips

Own other accounts to interact with your own content

Many of us have multiple Instagram accounts. Whether you’re a business, that owns more than one brand, or a social media manager, that curates more than one Instagram account, the truth is: we all have access to more profiles. So why not take advantage of that? You can, after all, be logged in in up to 5 Instagram accounts on one device. As soon as you’ve posted something, switch your Instagram accounts, go back to your profile with the new post, leave a like, and an engaging comment that looks real and authentic. If you’re not capable of ‘real’ in the harsh days of Instagram authenticity, just like and leave a heart-eyed emoji. If you’re already posting on Instagram at your best-performing times, this little trick would only give you another boost your content need to get some extra love from the algorithm.

Add line breaks to your caption

Adding line breaks to captions is what differentiates an insta-newbie from an insta-pro. It’s not that easy to do this. I’ve seen some brands and seriously famous celebrities struggle with it. Why? Because Instagram app simply isn’t set up for this. There’s an easy workaround for this, though:

  1. Open your Notes app on your phone
  2. Type these brackets: […] (without the dots inside)
  3. Put lots of extra space in between these brackets
  4. Draft your caption
  5. When you want to add a space, hit the “Return” button
  6. Copy and paste the space between the brackets you created Et voila! No need to add full stops anymore!

Tag everybody in the same corner

One of the best Instagram tips you hear for growth is tagging. Indeed, tagging is great for exposure, as it increases your visibility AND puts you in front of the eyes of a brand or an influencers you want to impress. However, just like with hashtags, if you tag too many people, it will look extremely spammy if someone taps on your photo and sees a lot of tags spread around. Don’t get me wrong, but it looks just a bit desperate. What you can do is to tag usernames in the same corner – you literally can just drag the usernames to move them across the screen. In the result, all tagged brands and influencers will be neatly located in the same tidy corner. It won’t look spammy, and you’ll still get that extra exposure you’re looking for!

Edit your name to appear in more Search Results

If you’re a brand nobody knows about (yet), with engagement too low to guarantee your content getting recommended or appearing in the Top Hashtags results, how can your new followers find you? Through typing the keywords in the Search bar. To be found this way, you need to spruce up your Instagram bio by adding a target keyword to your name, like like the vegan influencer @aniahimsa does, by having “vegan” feature in her bio. This is, in fact, exactly how I found this particular influencer account – simply by typing “vegan” in the Instagram search: So, if you’re a sportswear brand, jewellery brand, any other brand – add that keyword to your bio! It’s one of the easiest, and yet also best-working, Instagram tips for growth out there.

3D effect on fonts

While technically there’s no 3D effect on Stories, you can fake it so well, it looks as good as real. First, click on our favourite drawing pen icon. Write down the word (or the sentence) you want, in one of the offered fonts. Make sure to select black color. Place the text where it needs to be placed. Now, what you need to do is to write again the same exact word (or sentence), but pick a different color – for example, blue. Then, place it on top of the first word, but slightly to the side, so that you can see the background font. It’s basically two fonts layered on top of each other. The result: 3D made easy!

Extra colors from the color selection

Did you know that you can have more colors than those 27 basic ones offered in Instagram Stories? Apparently you can have the whole rainbow of colors if you want! To get them, you need to click on that drawing pen again and then, click on any color offered to you and hold your finger. In a second, you’ll see a big palette of gradient colors that you can choose from. Keep your finger glued to the screen, while moving it right/left until you find the color you like. It’s a cool ‘wheel’ trick that you can use for your background behind texts as well.

Honey Application in Daily Regimen

Koreans apply raw and unfiltered honey on the face as a basic mask for enhancing their beauty. This only needs to be kept for 5 minutes and then washed off with a cream cleanser. This helps in adding nourishment to the skin. It also helps in hydrating the skin and making it soft and supple. This is an easy and affordable process that should be followed daily.

The Three-Step Daily Routine

Among the Korean secrets and routines for maintaining their beautiful look, cleansing, toning and moisturizing using top-notch products are definitely a must. In fact, after moisturizing, Koreans use a skin serum as well as the fourth step. It adds extra nourishment to the skin and keeps it healthy and radiant. See More: Kate Middleton Beauty Secrets

The Significance of Hydration

According to Koreans, drinking plenty of healthy fluids helps the skin glow and keeps it hydrated internally. It flushes out the toxins, dirt, and bacteria from the skin and rejuvenates and revives the skin well. They usually start their day by drinking a glass of plain water and also splash some cold water on the face in the early morning. For hydration, their meals are full of fruits and vegetables and low sodium intake for this purpose.

Using Face Packs Regularly

Koreans use a lot of skin products that is made within their country by various top-notch brands. One of the skin products that they totally believe in are face masks and packs. Each Korean woman uses two types of masks- cleansing and nourishing. It helps them refresh the face and reduce puffiness. They even have a lot of faith in homemade masks especially the ones made from honey and egg white. Another of the masks common in Korea is the one made from silkworm cocoon powder.