Korean tips

Write In Japanese And Have It Corrected By A Native Speaker

Guidetojapanese.org says: “In the past, it's been fairly difficult to find Japanese speakers to correct your writing. Fortunately, there is now a social networking site built exclusively for this purpose with an excellent community: Lang-8.”

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“Every time you hear a word you don't know, you look up it in the dictionary and then put it in the memory. Now when you have 10 minutes spare on the train or whatever, you simply call up the words and test yourself…this is great in itself for learning both vocab and kanji,” explains Richard from genkienglish.net.

Cut your fingernails every Thursday.

“Cut your fingernails every Thursday, so they’ll be dull by Friday night.” —ronnoceel

After showering, dry your undercarriage off with a fan.

“After a shower, I stand or squat over my fan for a minute to air dry my undercarriage, especially in the summer. It’s a glorious feeling.” —BlueGreenandBrown

Use a washcloth.

“Use a washcloth. You will notice a difference in how clean you smell at the end of the day versus just soaping yourself with the bar. Cloth removes a lot more grime and dirt than just water running over you.” —murder1

Clean your feet thoroughly when you shower.

“When you shower, really clean your feet. Get in between your toes, underneath, etc. Make sure you clean them thoroughly!” —burritobattlefield

Swish some coconut oil around in your mouth for a few minutes every morning.

“Swish some coconut oil around in your mouth for a few minutes every morning. It’s called oil pulling and it’s very good for you.” —HotGobbin

Wash your mildew-ridden towels!

“Wash your mildew-ridden towels! There are a ton of people that seemingly can’t smell mildew, and they’re clueless as to how bad they stink. I meet a handful of people each week that reek of it. If you have a towel that you use each day after showering, and haven’t changed in weeks, chances are high that it’s covered with the stuff. Wet and damp areas are the perfect breeding ground for mildew, keep your towels dry, and swap them out/wash them regularly.” —Vadoff

Piss on your feet every time you shower.

“If you’re prone to smelly feet, piss on them every time you shower. The urea kills bacteria. Remember to wash them afterwards, though :).” —cunt-hooks

Scrape your tongue, all the gunk off.

“Scrape your tongue, all the gunk off. It’s what causes bad breath. Eh, srsly! Daily.” —spheeno