Top 10 Ketorecipes tips

Use liquid Stevia in your gin drinks this summer!.

Liquid Stevia is a great replacement for simple syrup in a lot of cocktails, but it especially goes well with gin. The gin removes the notes of the stevia that a lot of people don't like.If you want a neutral flavor sweetener, NuNaturals clear stevia extract is the best I've found. I've also come across some Stevia extracts that have vanilla notes to them, which can work pretty good depending on the drink you are mixing.Liquid stevia also works great in just pure lemonade and limeade. Really the key to using stevia extract is to figure out what flavors it mixes well with. Stevia isn't just sugar, it has its own flavor profile, and sometimes that is a bad thing (cookies) but for other recipes, it can be an asset!

Use eggs to thicken soups.

In greece we have this concoction that we call avgolemono. It's basically egg yolks beaten with lemon and then tempered with the broth in order to thicken it up. You don't need to use lemon of course, but the acid does bring up flavours in food. The eggwhites can be used as well, it's just personal preference.

Popcorn seasoning is a keto life changer.

I buy mine at the bulk store. I often mix it with sour cream to top a beef patty or as a dip for mozzarella chips/crips. I put in in a white sauce to add flavor. Mixing it with heavy cream and oil to make a vinaigrette works too. Not too much, just enough to add flavor. It comes to about 1g of carb per what you want to make. I used the jalapeño cheddar one tonight, mixed with full fat sour cream to put on my beef patty and it was really good!

Premix your Bulletproof Coffee fats and sweeteners for a whole week of convenience.

Just wanted to share my time saver for my morning BPC. One day of the week, I'll premix my additives for my brew, blend thoroughly, and store in the fridge for much faster coffee making. My particular recipe goes something like:1 stick of butter 1/4 cup coconut oil 6 packets of splenda 6tsp sugar free coffee creamer I melt my butter in a mason jar, add the other ingredients, attach to my blender and blend for a good 30 seconds. Immediately place this mixture in the fridge. Once it's cooled, it takes on a creamy consistency and doesn't separate. I can then just spoon out a couple dollops for my coffee in the morning, vs getting all the ingredients out each day. I also brew into, and drink from, a mason jar that fits my blender, so fewer things to clean, too.