Keto tips

Shorten your belt at the buckle instead of poking new holes.

Well not much else to say there. Ah yeah, a hole puncher can help you here, so much easier.Although it depends on your belt type, I have several where I can unscrew the buckle. These are easy. Unscrew it, cut off excess length, poke new hole for screw, fix it up. Done. AlbumThe ones with stitches are harder, but with a little force, a good needle and patience your can restitch it in 15 minutes. And you actually learned something in the process.Either way, you wont run around with a long belt sticking out of your side.If you want, I can make a short picture series of what I meant.

Freeze Your Peanut Butter.

I began freezing my peanut butter out of impatience, as I don't care for the runny mess it becomes at room temperature – but I came to find that the time it takes to thaw really helps me to moderate my consumption.

Instead of noodles, use spinach.

I don't mean spinach noodles, I don't mean frozen mushy spinach, I mean fresh, crisp, delicious vitamin and iron-filled spinach.Heat up your meaty sauce like normal, shove a handful or two of spinach onto your plate, and then pour the sauce and parmesan cheese on top. Mix it altogether. The heat from the pasta will make the spinach go soft, but not the stems. This gives it the same sort of texture as noodles for those of you who miss it. Obviously be careful with the carb content of the sauce/cheese, but they're usually not that bad. I've been doing this for a while, and it's a great way to have pasta without the noodles. You barely taste noodles anyway, and you aren't overwhelmed by the taste of spinach [I don't even notice any], so it's a fair trade-off.Om nomnom. Plus the calories are much lower.What are some other pasta-substitutes out there?Brb, gunna post to LoseIt.

Bulletproof Broth.

Not sure if this is already common knowledge, but Bulletproof Broth is delicious!Not sure I actually have to give you the "recipe", but here it is just in case: 1 cup broth, 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter and 1 tablespoon coconut oil. Then blend it so it goes down smooth.I like it because it's easier to make than BPC (unless you're using powdered instant coffee for BPC, which, fine... but gross), gives me some solid energy and electrolytes to start my day, and I prefer drinking coffee at work to drinking broth at work.Again, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of you already do this. But it was kind of an ah-ha moment for me when I fist thought of it so I figured I'd share.

Start logging your food now even if you haven't changed your eating.

If you're going to "start tomorrow" or at the end of the month or on your next pay cheque or after the holidays or whatever else is causing a delay start logging your food intake now. Create an account with (they have a great app) and honestly log everything you eat and drink until you change your eating habits. It can be very eye opening and is a great way to get used to tracking your food.Maybe you think you're eating around 2500 calories right now, but you start tracking those fast food visits and late night pizza and realize you're really taking in 4500.

Enter everything you're going to eat for the day in one sitting.

I've been struggling with great, although slower than expected losses on Keto. With that said the change in lifestyle has been amazing, and the extra 13lbs that I've lost in the last 6 weeks has been great!Recently I started looking at why I'm not loosing as quickly I would like, and I think I found the answer. I'll walk by the fridge and eat some lunch meat, or a thing of string cheese, or 'forget' to count that glass of wine or Vodka soda. So... For the last couple of days I'll sit down at my computer in the morning and I'll plan out my meals for that day. I'll enter everything into MFP and I'll stick with it throughout the evening, etc. It's been working really well for the last week or so. Just a thought if you suffer from the same problem.

Wings to go.

I'm not sure if they're common around everywhere, but Little Caesars sells "hot and ready" pizza and wings for around $5. Basically it's fast-food pizza. But the great part is they sell baked wings.Before keto, baked wings were gross. I liked the crispy fried wings. Now I find baked keeps more skin on them, far more filling and fatty!Oh, and, yeah, the buffalo sauce they use is zero carb, so eat up. The other flavors can have a lot of carbs, so watch out. Here is the official list of zero carb wing sauces at little caesars:Oven RoastedBuffalo MildBuffalo HotLemon PepperAvoid the others. They have at least 1g carb PER WING! (HOLY F***)

Warning: do not automatically trust MyFitnessPal for raw food. Make sure you use USDA nutritional info.

Use Exogenous Ketones

Ketone ester and ketone salt products push you into a deeper state of ketosis, fast. Low energy and constant hunger plague those new to OMAD. These supplements supply the brain with ample “high-octane” fuel to help you perform your best. Ketones are also neuroprotective, physical performance-enhancing (a staple among elite athletes including Tour de France cyclists), and help with body composition by starving off hunger and satiating cravings. You can even combine it with coffee for stronger effects. Ketone boosting products come in three primary forms:

  • Ketone esters
  • Ketone salts
  • MCT oil Ordered from most effective to cheapest. Some days feel harder than others, and a serving of exogenous ketones can keep you on track. But before you rush to Amazon, know that they aren’t all equal. Some are worse than none at all. Check out this post on the best exogenous ketone supplements to make the optimal choice for your lifestyle.

OMAD and Coffee

Coffee makes OMAD far more manageable. Especially during the adaptation phase. Caffeine can aid in weight loss, and make your cold showers more beneficial. Make no mistake, fasting is a stressor (albeit sometimes beneficial). So is caffeine. Hacking OMAD with caffeine is a double-edged sword. In the short-term, the appetite suppression makes sticking with OMAD easier. But caffeine spikes your cortisol levels and exacerbates stress. Excessive caffeine replaces one issue for another. Since chronic stress underlies just about every disease, tread lightly with your stimulants.