Keto tips

Weekly Meal Prep with (plastic-free) Sous Vide = Effortless Compliance.

This has made keto compliance incredibly easy. What I do is stuff 12 canning jars with 8 oz. of grass fed ground beef and 1 oz. of grass fed beef tallow, and cook them Sous Vide (135 degrees). I use Weck jars because they are all glass and use natural rubber gaskets so they are completely free of xenoestrogens. Weck 740/741 have a good size and shape for this.I eat two jars every day Mon-Sat, and then make a new batch on sunday. This has been a HUGE time saver, and gives me the peace of mind of knowing I have a perfect healthy meal ready to be heated up 24/7. I expected to get tired of eating ground beef every day, but Sous Vide makes the meat so delicious that I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.

When measuring out a serving of something, you can always start with the container on the scale.

Let's say you're having some celery and peanut butter. It can be a bit of a pain (and mess) having to scoop, spread, then put it on the scale to measure (and such a frustration if you get too much). Start with the container on the scale, zero it, and it will drop down into the negative as you scoop it out. Never over scoop, never under scoop. This also works well for things like fresh greens where you're unlikely to take too much but you want to know how much you've taken. Put the package of salad on the scale and pull out a handful or two then log the negative number. Also remember when adding more than one thing to your plate you can keep the plate on the scale and zero it before moving on to the next item - saves from doing the math afterwards.

Drink coffee!.

I wish I would have started drinking coffee earlier when I started Keto. It can be the solution to many Keto problems. Have you had too much cheese and can't poop? Drink coffee!Are you low on fat? Throw some coconut oil or heavy cream and there and drink that coffee!Hungry but don't really feel like eating? Drink coffee! Cuz it doesn't have carbs either. TLDR; Coffee is a dark, delicious miracle concoction.

Feeling ill and craving chicken noodle soup, egg drop soup is awesome keto alternative.

I'm still feeling ill, but this saved me last night. Super simple recipe - 2 cups chicken broth, teaspoon butter, bring to simmer and slowly drop in 2 mixed up eggs.

If you find you're not drinking enough water, keep a full filtered water pitcher and an empty glass on your counter as a visual reminder to drink more.

I'm by no means a pro at doing keto, but in the first few weeks I had two problems related to water that doing this helped to fix. #1. I would keep forgetting to drink water through the day. #2. When I did remember, getting water out of my fridge would take forever (slow dispenser) and frustrate me. But I remembered I had a spare Brita we weren't using and I decided to try and keep it full with an empty glass next to it as a reminder to drink more water. It has been a huge help in that effort. I'm easily drinking 60-90 oz a day and the visual cue of seeing it instantly reminds me to pour a quick glass, have a drink and log it. If you're forgetting to drink more water, this might help you too!

Don’t Marie Kondo all your old clothes, keep one or two items as they show progress you’ve made like nothing else!.

My sister sent me an old photo today, and I realized that I still had the same sweater because I’ve been putting off spring cleaning my clothes (aka getting all Marie Kondo up in my wardrobe). I threw it on straight away and was so shocked at how much the side by side picture shows the difference in my body! This is 112kg down to 87kg, or 246lb to 191lb in freedom units. Some days I still feel exactly as big as the girl in the first picture, so it’s nice to have a reminder that shows how far I’ve come. ☺️If you’re starting out, or part way through, keep some of your bigger clothes for those epic transformation shots! Take all the before photos you can. They’re so motivating when you don’t feel or see the progress in the mirror.

Check "Family Packs" For Higher Fat Ground Beef.

I've been buying the 80/20 ground beef because that's the fattiest one I could find. I'm single and often cooking for one so I usually buy the 1 pound package and split it up between 2 or 3 meals because I can eat that quickly enough without having to freeze any. Well, today I went into the grocery store and they hadn't stocked their meat section yet so all they had were the giant 4 pound "family packs" of hamburger. I grabbed one and was so, so happy to see it was 70/30! I didn't even know 30% fat variety was available, I've never once seen it in the smaller packages. Yay! I just had an awesome greasy burger topped with cheddar and guacamole and I'm happy as a clam :-)TL;DR Check value size or family packs for higher % fat when you're buying ground beef (today I found 70/30).

You can make perfect whipped cream with a shaker cup and a whisk ball.

Try it, it worked great! I would give instructions, but I really didn't think it would work as well as I'd hoped, so I didn't time anything. I did whisk it for a bit beforehand to get some air bubbles, but that was it. I just added some vanilla extract, shook it up, and then folded in some splenda. Do it all to taste and you'll be happy.

Cut your Ketostix in half so a pack will last you longer.

Not sure if this was ever mentioned before, but you can cut your Ketostix in half down the middle of the test strip (it doesnt affect the results) so you have double the amount.

For my fellow ketoers on a budget...

Have you tried couponing? I am a crazy coupon lady and Sunday really is my holy day when that newspaper arrives. It's wonders how much you can save, especially on Keto friendly items, when you cut them out. Sure, it can be a hassle but you're saving money and getting more for it. Another tip, sign up for the free savings cards they offer in your local grocery store, it really does help.