Keto tips

Most French dishes are easy to convert to keto.

If your job is catering lunch, still bring your regular keto lunch just in case.

Catered lunches are made to feed groups and will more than likely be filled with carbs. Don’t tempt yourself to cheat by not having a backup plan. There’s nothing wrong with having your regular keto lunch while your coworkers enjoy their meal.

Cheese Sauce.

Melt Cheese in a 1/2 tsp of Sodium Citrate and 1/4 cup of water to turn into perfectly smooth cheese sauce/fondue. (No more wine and flour.) (experimental, I haven't tried): Create aqueous Sodium Citrate, ready to melt cheese in by combining sour salt and baking soda-* Measure equal weights Citric Acid (Sour Salt) and Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda). (2.5g each to make an 1/2 tsp sodium citrate solution)* Dissolve the acid in water* Stir in the soda* CO2 bubbles off and you are left with dissolved Sodium Citrate, ready to melt cheese in.For nerds: NaHCO3 (s) + C6H8O7 (aq) → NaC6H7O7 (aq) + CO2 (g) + H2O (l)

Most recipes by Caveman Keto are already included in My Fitness Pal... just seach!.

On a whim, I searched "Caveman Keto" and was pleasantly surprised to find that his recipes are already in there, with nutrition and portion sizes included. Entering complicated recipes can be a pain sometimes, and this is a real time saver. (Thank you!)If you haven't tried any of his creations yet I highly suggest it!Link to his blog is in the sidebar.

Using a Hamburger as a Hot Dog Bun.

So I was recently at a small cook out with some friends (social distancing obviously) and they had the average smorgasbord including Hotdog's and Hamburgers. They had buns, but of course I'm trying to maintain my ketosis and there isn't any lettuce around to see or speak of so what did I do? The only thing any Sane keto practitioner would do? I used the Hamburger to wrap the Hot Dog so that I could have the full experience without any of the sacrifice. Little did I know this is the way I would come to eat Burgers and Hot Dogs moving forward. Has anyone else tried this madness, or something similar?

Costco roasted chickens.

For $5 you get a large roasted chicken at Costco. This just got me 2 lb 5 oz of meat, 5 oz of drippings, a bunch of yummy skin that we snacked on while I picked the bird, and a carcass to make 2 QT of broth. Score! rotisserie is the word I was looking for!

Korean BBQ.

Korean BBQ is my new go-to when eating out. A lot of these places will be buffet style, where you cook your own meat in front of you. It's so easy to eat only meat at these places, and you can have as much as you want! The place around me charges $20 for all you can eat meat, which is somewhat expensive, but as an intermittent faster I can eat 2 meals worth while I'm there so it's definitely worth it to me.Just a tip I thought I'd share after experiencing it for the first time!

EZ Tasty Egg Hack.

Start steaming water.Wait for water to steam.Place 6 eggs in steamer.Wait 12 minutes.Move eggs to container of ice and water. (makes peeling EZ)Wait a few minutes.EZ peel eggs.Chop up eggs in bowl.Add mayo, salt, pepper.Enjoy.

Try veggies you dont like!.

My whole life, I've disliked broccoli, eggplant, and Brussels sprouts. I'm not sure when the change occurred - but since I've been doing keto- my taste buds have changed so much, they taste completely different. I guess my point, is to be open minded as your keto journey continues. You might be suprised at what foods ACTUALLY taste good to you now!

Get 'scraps' ground beef at a butcher shop for cheap.

Hey guys! Heres a tip thats been helping me and might be able to help you. My local butchers, when theyre trimming fat and pieces and whatever off the meat, they save this 'waste' and put it through the grinder and sell it for a silly price. At least I think thats where this meat is from, I never actually asked. Anywho, today I got ground beef for $1.20/lb. It is completely full of fat, but hey, thats no problem for us, right?! You'll never find this at a supermarket, so call around to butchers shops.