Top 10 Job tips

Check Your Voicemail Message Before Applying To Jobs!.

I'm a hiring manager and cannot tell you how many candidates I call that either have an inappropriate voicemail message (a joke one where they pretend to answer, or an actually inappropriate one) OR their voicemail box is full ("This persons voicemail box is full and cannot accept new messages. Goodbye.") It's really important to make good first impressions, and the recruiter or hiring manager isn't going to spend all day trying to get you to pick up your phone. I'd say the safest bet is to 1. Check and delete old voicemails and 2. Reset your voicemail message to the phones default (i.e. An automated voice saying "The number you've reached is unavailable right now...etc.")

Before your interview, ask for the salary range upfront.

This saved me a ton of time today from going through an interview process.I make $25 an hour right now as a web designer / dev. It's not amazing money, but it's not awful by any means. I can pay the bills and mortgage.I had an opportunity today for an SEO position. I asked what the pay was.$15 - $19 an hour.In Ontario, minimum wage is $14 an hour. And the average salary for this position in Canada?$49,000 / year.They're asking between $31,000 and $39,000 / year.Let that sink in.For a field where you need a shit ton of knowledge in to be successful, they're paying just barely above minimum wage.Yeah, no thanks.This was also in a big city.I would be looking for at least a $10,000 / year wage if I'm looking to make a move.Anyway, ask for this info upfront. Saved me potential hours of wasted time in gas, probable skill assessments, and overall time.EDIT: not sure why I'm getting down-voted, but anyway.