Top 10 Jhin tips

Always attempt to steal baron and dragons.

I'm not sure if anyone has written a post about this before but with this trick, I'm able to steal a lot of dragons when my jg is not around. So here's the tip:Assume you're building Jhin normally (Amor Pen/Crit), when you see the enemy doing dragon or baron, ALWAYS attempt to steal it with your ultimate. You can hit the enemy with your first 3 shots but you must save the last shot for the dragon. Why? Because your 4th ultimate shot outscales the enemy jg smite most of the time.Edit: Your 4th auto shot also does more damage the jg smite.Edit: Another tip when you're doing dragon with your team and the enemy team turns up. Try to save the 4th shot to last hit the dragon so you can stop the smite battle between 2 teams.