Top 10 Jax tips

How to chunk enemies after level 6 properly.

I've watched some friends play Jax top recently and noticed that they weren't using jax's 3rd ult AA as well as it could be. Many players know to attack minions twice then jump on an enemy, then use the aa reset to proc the 3rd ult hit. What is less known is that if you have enough attack speed, you can save your aa reset and actually get 2 aas off where previously you had one. Instead of q>w + ult powered aa you can do q>ult powered aa>w powered aa. Getting the timing down is tricky, typically you can only do it if you have 6 as stacks and zeal or recurve bow. This works because after leap strike, jax will try and aa the enemy champ. If you attack speed is low you will only have one aa to hit before the enemy dashs/escapes. However, if your as is sufficiently high, the first aa after leap strike will proc fast enough that you can use your aa reset to attack again before the enemy can respond.