Top 10 Ios tips

Share charging adapters

Use your USB-C adapters between devices to increase charging speed. For example, your 2018 iPad Pro came with an 18-watt USB-C power adapter that chargers it at the normal rate, but the one that came with your Mac notebook will charge it faster. With a Lighting to USB-C cable, your iPad Pro adapter can even fast-charge your iPhone and previous iPad Pros. Apple also sells this charger separately for $29 as an affordable option for iPhone owners who would like to take advantage of fast-charge capability.

Create Custom Focus Profiles

Apple hasn’t stopped with a barebone Focus mode in iOS 15. The company even allows you to create custom Focus profiles based on your usage and convenience. From the Settings > Focus menu, you can create as many Focus profiles such as Writing, Yoga, Meditation, and more. For each Focus profile, you can customize the Home screen and Lock screen as well. The possibilities are endless here. The good news is, all the Focus profiles get synced among all your Apple devices using the same Apple account.

Notification Summary

This one is mighty useful to get you through a busy day. Notification summary combines notifications from irrelevant apps and sends you the summary of it at a specific time. By default, it’s turned off. You can enable the toggle from the Settings > Notifications menu and select the relevant time you want to be reminded about the notifications.

Restart without the Home button

To restart your iPad faster, go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch, then turn it on and tap Customize Top Level Menu to add a Restart action. You can now bring up the AssistiveTouch overlay at any time by triple-pressing the Power or Side button. AssistiveTouch is an especially useful Home button software replacement for older iPhones and iPads that have a broken Home button.

Utilize Live Text

Live Text uses on-device intelligence to identify text in a photo or camera viewfinder. You can point the iPhone camera to a business card, scan the email or phone number using Live Text, and directly take action on it. It works in photos as well. Open an image from the gallery and identify the text in the photo. It can be helpful when you want to convert handwritten notes to text on the phone. Live Text works in other apps as well. For example, in the Email app, you can use the Email from Camera option and directly import the email address using Live Text. At launch, Live Text support is limited to 7 languages only.

Multitask like a pro

From Split View to Slide Over and beyond, iOS offers some compelling multitasking features on the Apple tablet. Aside from a one-finger gesture for fast switching between apps, iOS 12 offers several multitasking enhancements outlined in our earlier tutorial. Speaking of which, shouldn’t you explore iDownloadBlog’s tutorial archive?

Selecting multiple photos without tapping individually.

I found a neat trick that might not be well known to a majority of users. Instead of tapping an individual photo, you can hold your finger over one photo and then move your finger left or right. I prepared a gfycat video to show you what I mean. Hopefully this helps!

Check Image EXIF Details in the Photos App

iOS 15 finally lets you check the EXIF details of an image from the default Photos app. This means you’ll no longer have to rely on third-party apps just to check the details of a photo you have taken. You can open any image in the Photos app and tap on the info ‘i’ button to view photo size, maps, photo date, time, resolution, and more.

Add Apple Music to Photos Memories

The default Photos app carries a Memories feature that combines your recent photos and creates a video out of it using animations and other cool tricks. In iOS 15, you can now set any music clip from the Apple Music app and make your memories even more beautiful. Memories will change the slideshow look and feel based on the song selection with custom filters and animations.

Add Wallpaper Background in Safari Browser

This was already possible in Safari on macOS Big Sur. iOS 15 carries the same wallpaper customization trick to the iPhone as well. Open Safari on the iPhone and scroll down to the bottom. Select Edit, and you can pick a relevant wallpaper from the Background Image menu. One can also go ahead and add wallpaper from the gallery on the iPhone.