Top 10 Into the breach tips

Communicate with teammates

Communication plays a vital role in a teamplay game like Valorant. The initiators are the ones who are responsible for gathering the information and passing it to the team. Hence, proper communication with the teammates can help the player to feed them information about the enemies position.

Use strong lineups

Lineups allow the players to encounter the enemies from a distance, without taking a peek. Thus, strong lineups for Sova’s Shock Dart and KAY/O’s ZERO/point or FRAG/ment can make it easy to win without being involved in a direct gunfight. Players can learn and practice the lineups to execute them during the match.

Help the team in pushing into the site

Using the ability to find out enemies’ positions or using flash can benefit the team while attacking. This can push back the defenders and make attacking easy. The team can make a heavy push after the opponents are flashed or revealed.

Play as a supportive agent

Players can choose to play between aggressive or defensive playstyles with initiators. If a player is not confident enough with the aim, then playing as a supportive agent can make a huge difference in the rounds. They can support the team by giving information and challenging angles. Meanwhile, the team can use the information to get the enemies down.

Keep a check on the other site

Often enemies rotate to other sites on the map. Thus, the initiators can check if the opponents are rotating or not. This is one of the best ways to help the team in defense while playing an initiator agent.

Locate the enemies’ position

The most important role of the initiator is to find the enemies, especially the campers. The initiator agents are assigned with the abilities like KAY/O’s ZERO/point/, Skye’s Trailblazer, or Sova’s Recon Bolt, to track enemies’ positions. This will make the team aware of the enemies’ positions.

Follow up after the flashes

Many players don’t follow up after the flashes, which makes it go to waste. Valorant’s initiator agents like Breach, KAY/O and Skye are equipped with flash abilities. The players can push in or let the teammates push in soon after the flash. However, one must avoid flashing oneself or the teammates.

Play aggressively in attack

Picking up an initiator agent like Breach is best for players with an aggressive playstyle. If the players are good with the aim and confident enough to play on the frontline, they can choose to play aggressive.

Give callouts

Callouts play a huge role in Valorant, especially while sharing information. It is advisable for the players to know the callouts, to help the team in knowing the exact position of the enemies. Learning about callouts can make communication easy.

Gather information

Intiators’ job is to collect as much information as possible, about the enemies. They can use their abilities to find information about the enemies’ position and movement. If the player is aware of the opponent’s location, the round becomes easy to win in Valorant.