Top 10 Instructional tips

Laser pointers.

I got this dope green laser pointer a while back from think geek, I think. When I'm not sure if I'm still getting a hit from my vape, I'll breathe out into the beam. I can check if it's still going and also feel like Catherine Zeta Jones from Entrapment. Lasers are awesome. [5]

Add some dried lavender to your vape for increased headache-busting properties.

I've often heard about lavender's anti-migrane properties, but after coming home from training with a serious pounding headache I was amazed by how quickly the symptoms faded. Trees do a good job already at killing headaches, but the lavender appeared to speed up the therapeutic properties of the herbs. Peace.Edit: make sure you ONLY use organic herbs as you don't want to vaporize nasty shit like pesticides.