Top 10 Inlaws tips

Don't tell an exhausted mother, "I don't believe she's fussy. She's so smiley now. What a happy baby".

NO FUCKING SHIT. I didn't bring her over last night when she was screaming bloody murder. Because no one likes that. But don't you fucking dare call me a liar. I know you mean well, and you're old, but Good Lord, shut your mouth about how you "don't believe she ever cries." Read the room, lady. If husband and I and my MIL all tell you that we're exhausted and bleary eyed because she was inconsolable from 6pm-6am...we're telling the fucking truth.Also, a big fuck you to goddamn soy lethicin for being in everything (including, apparently, frozen custard which should consist of milk, eggs and sugar..not freaking soy) and making my child miserable. Apparently I'm eating only food I prepare for the rest of this visit.