Top 10 Info tips

Cast Alohomora slllooowwwlllyyy...

The second set of tasks for this Brilliant event requires you to cast Alohomora 15 times. Find a relatively difficult foe and cast just fast enough so that you're in the "Fair" part of the spectrum. It should resist several times, meaning you can rack up the required casts without having to find 15 different foes.

If a Foundable overlaps an Inn, you can shift its location by restarting the game

Put Cheap Feed on hotbar for faster feeding.

Hunter's Salad works with matchlocks in Savage Rift.

In the last patch they replaced the hunting damage bonus on Hunter's Salad and Khalk's Fermented Wine with a faster reload speed bonus, and this new effect works with the matchlocks in Savage Rift. It's not a big difference honestly, but it's a small, nice advantage.

Follow Me Quest.

I find the most frustrating thing about "Follow Me" quests is the fact that auto run causes you to lose the guy who is following you and you constantly have to check yourself to make sure you are not going too far ahead of him.If you press 'Q' and crouch and then auto run, it goes the perfect speed for your follower to follow you without risk of going too far!Cheers!EDIT: spelling error.


When you pop a Portkey, Wrackspurts generally show up as glowing lights. Some may be partially hidden behind an item, but there's always a little glowy giveaway....right?Wrong.There are also items that can hide one that are completely invisible on the screen, like the Hogwarts trunk in Hagrid's cottage. Since wrackspurts are randomly placed, these locations may not always have one, but they're always worth tapping around for.Experiment- there's at least one such location in each Portkey that can have a fully hidden one, usually on the level (you won't have to look up, or at least I haven't found such) to find them.

You can get 1/2 Aakman energy by killing 1 Hystria mob.

Category:* Knowledge Required:* Example location: though Hystria may be frustratingly out of reach, once you can kill Aakman mobs you can get 1/2 energy in this category after filling out the Aakman dungeon. Jump around Hystria until you find the pool in the 3rd picture above, and you'll be able to lure Tutukas to you and kill them by the water away from other mobs. Tutukas are one of the easiest mobs in the dungeon; they just have a charge up attack that misses easily, and even if you let a bolt hit your face it'll only do like ~250-300 damage. (For reference, this was with 278 DP, 23 total DR, and a Valencian Meal running)I was annoyed that finishing Aakman didn't net me 1 out of I found a solution. Enjoy!

Maternity pants won't stay up?.

I was having a problem with my maternity pants that kept falling down. I got advice to try tucking in an undershirt (or other layer) into them. The fabric on fabric holds them up beautiflully!

You can use an extension to redirect the website from bddatabase to bdocodex.

Currently im using the Redirector extension ( which seems to work on Chrome, Firefox and Opera.My configuration: { "createdBy": "Redirector v3.1.1", "createdAt": "2018-01-03T07:47:26.264Z", "redirects": [ { "description": "No bddatabase", "exampleUrl": "", "exampleResult": "", "error": null, "includePattern": "*", "excludePattern": "", "redirectUrl": "$1", "patternType": "W", "processMatches": "noProcessing", "disabled": false, "appliesTo": [ "main_frame" ] } ] }