Top 10 Image tips

A basic but essential combo for new Strikers players.

Lucky slot machines in the casinos

If your significant other breaks your heart, just print a new one!

The first BFA quest starts at this location, don't turn War Mode on if you don't plan on fighting hundreds of other players to do one quest. Turn it on after you get back to your capital city.

Use a mesh laundry bag to store all your silica gel packets

Flyfish target points to direction of the flyfish

When launching an unmanned probe, disable resource flow on the probe core's electric charge to create an emergency backup supply of electricity. If the solar panels stop generating electricity, the backup can be used to re-orient the probe so the solar panels are in the sunlight.

Make sure allied health bars is turned on for Soldier: 76

Don't teleport to the beach the day of the last summer festival to do some fishing, then get stuck inside the fishing hut because they are setting up said festival.