Top 10 Googlehome tips

Add your home and work addresses

If you want custom traffic information related to your commute, be sure to enter your home and work locations in your Google account. If you missed the prompts to do so during the initial setup, open the Google Assistant app, look under Personal info, and choose Your Places. You can then add one home address and one work address.

Train Google Home to recognize your voice

Before anyone says, “Hey Google, what’s on my calendar?” as a sneaky way to find out what you’re doing later today, set up Voice Match for Google Home. Voice Match allows the smart speaker to distinguish your voice from others. That way, can tell you about your day but not leak the details to anyone else. To train Google Home to recognize your voice, open the Google Assistant app and tap your profile image. Under Assistant, tap Voice Match. If you’ve previously trained Google Assistant to recognize your voice, you’ll see a pop-up question asking if you want to retrain it and apply the results across all your Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Add more people

Anyone can speak to your smart speaker to ask for a weather update or something else simple. But if everyone in your household wants to use Google Home to find out what’s on their calendars and get their traffic reports, then the Google Assistant needs to be able to differentiate their voices. Whether you have a partner, roommates, children, a nanny, or anyone else, you can add their voice profile. It works for up to six people per speaker. To add someone, they must have a Google account and an Android or iOS device. They need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the Google Home in question. On your end, open Google Home, tap Settings > Add… > Add home member, and choose the people you’d like to invite. The next screen tells you what they will be able to access if you go through with inviting them. Scroll to the end of this page and tap Confirm, which sends the invitation. The person who receives the invitation should follow the prompts to join and set up Voice Match. After that, the Google Home device in question should be able to tell your voices apart and give you personalized results.

Connect a music streaming service

Connect a music streaming service so that you can ask Google to play whatever you want to hear. Google Home devices work with Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Premium, and Deezer Premium. Open the Google Home app, tap your profile pictures, and under Google Assistant, choose Music. On the next page, you’ll see services that you can connect, such as Spotify and Pandora, as well as option for choosing a default music provider. Be sure to connect to the music sources you want to use first before selecting the default. Once it’s set up, you can say, “Hey Google, play Day O,” and Google will know that you meant “Banana Boat Song” by Harry Belafonte.

Add a payment method and delivery address

Are you going to be shopping via Google Home? If you want to be able to say, “Hey Google, buy toilet paper! Now!” then you first need this Google Home tip. Add your delivery address and payment method in the Google Home app. Tap the profile icon > More settings > Payments. Here, you can add a payment method and delivery address. You’ll also see some options for authentication requirements you can have in place, such as a fingerprint ID or identify confirmation, before any purchase goes through. Once you configure your payment, you can say commands such as:

  • “Order AA batteries.”
  • “Buy dog food.”
  • “Add laundry detergent to cart.”
  • “Shop electric toothbrushes.”

Add smart home devices

Google Home has the power to be the hub of your smart home. To get the most of it, be sure to add some of the best Google Home accessories, such as Philips Hue lightbulbs, a smart lock for your door, and other gadgets that can make your life more efficient. Once these devices are installed and connected to your Google Home, you can control them using just your voice. READ MORE:

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Create routines

Routines are a set of commands that Google Home carries out when you give a single command. It’s definitely one of the first Google Home tips for new users. Routines lets you create, for example, a bedtime routine that gives you a summary of events on your calendar tomorrow, turns down the lights, and plays the sound of rain falling while you fall asleep. Open the Google Home app and select Routines. If you have multiple Google Home devices, choose the one you want to use for the routine. Then, click Manage Routines. Here, you can customize the suggested routines or create new ones from scratch.

Ask follow up questions

Sometimes when you ask Google a question, you want to ask a follow-up. You can do so by enabling Continued Conversations. This feature lives in the Google Assistant app under your profile (tap your picture in the upper right corner). Choose Assistant > Continued Conversation and enable the setting.

Give Google an Australian accent

Tired of the Google Assistant’s default voice? You can pick a different one, including a female voice with an Australian accent or one who speaks British English. The quickest way to find this option is to start in the Google Assistant app. Click on your profile image > Assistant > Assistant voice. You’ll find 10 voices. You can preview them and pick the one you like best. Your selection automatically syncs with your supported Google Assistant devices.

Turn a Google Home Hub into a digital photo frame

If you have a Google Home Hub with a display, this tip can turn it into a digital photo frame when it’s not actively in use. In the settings, you choose which selection of photos from your Google account you’d like to see. To find this option, open the Google Home app and select your Home Hub device. Tap the gear icon for settings, scroll down to Ambient Mode (it’s easy to miss), and choose whatever photo group you like.