Get motivated tips

Remember your achievements and act like your heroes

Try to memorize your past successes and achievements and let them flow through your mind instead of your failures. In addition, try to read about heroes you like, watch them and listen to them. Find out what they did that was extraordinary and what made them successful. But don’t forget that they are people just like us so let them inspire and motivate you instead of looking up at them flatteringly.

Don’t compare yourself with others and review results

When you compare yourself and your results with others and what they have accomplished can really destroy your motivation. Remember, there are always people ahead of you and most likely quite a bit of people as well. So don’t try to compare yourself with others and try to focus on your own results and how you can improve them. Also, reviewing your results is significant so that you can check where you have gone wrong in the past to keep away from similar mistakes further on. But it’s also imperative because it’s a great motivating factor to observe how much you have improved.

Do the hardest task first and start slow

If you do the toughest task first then it will ease a lot of your daily worries and enhance your self-confidence for the rest of the day. Also, start working slowly any task instead of jumping into something at full pace.

Do something small and generate a flow

Sometimes you simply need to get started by doing smaller things such as cleaning your computer, or paying your utility bills etc. ‘When you do these smaller tasks you’ll feel more vigilant and ready to do the next big thing,’ says Emily Johnson, a senior motivation speaker at Assignment Help. Here, you will realize that you just need to get started to get motivated. So if you really don’t feel like doing anything begin with something small and create a flow of work and motivation.

Shift the goals and objectives

Try to set a huge and detailed goal because this will motivate you much more than your smaller goals. A bigger goal has a big result and can produce a lot of motivation.

Stay Positive

Staying positive can be tough when you are starting a new topic, or if you get caught up on a difficult problem or assignment. But try your best to think positive! Getting frustrated or making yourself upset over school work will only turn your brain off more. Take a small breather, and think of all the amazing goals you are working towards.

Make a pact with yourself

It is a good technique for overcoming procrastination and getting things done on time. You can make deal with yourself, deal small or large. You simply say to yourself something like that when I’m done with this book’s chapter, I can take a walk in the playground and enjoy a chocolate. This kind of activity will certainly cheer you up and provide a needed motivation.

Make a Vision Board

What is a vision board? It’s all about visualization and seeing what you want to happen. Create a physical board of quotes, images of your ideas of success, and things you want to achieve and put your vision board right over your study area. Your vision board will keep you motivated and remind you of the reasons why you are studying.

Set Academic Goals for Yourself

Setting goals for yourself on scores for exams, assignments and overall courses can certainly keep you motivated. If you know you’ll need a certain score on your next test in order to make your goal grade in a class, you’ll be more motivated to study hard to make that grade.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s easier to keep yourself motivated when you take care of your body and your mental health! It will be easier to focus and easier to stay positive when you keep your body healthy. Eat healthily — get plenty of fruits, veggies and protein, and make sure your study snacks pack some nutrients to keep you going. Getting enough sleep will also keep your brain sharp and will keep you focused. Aim for about eight hours every night, and if you are feeling sluggish, naps are your friend! Finally, once you are eating right and sleeping enough, add exercise into the mix. Daily physical activity will keep you sharp and motivated to get your study hours in!