Get motivated tips

Be Realistic with Your Schedule

Another thing I am guilty of (as well as a lot of our clients) is being too critical of ourselves. Just because you’ve set a goal doesn’t mean your life slows down. On top of that, a lot of goal setting tools will have you set 10+ goals at a time! That’s a lot of extra stuff to add to your plate! We often compare ourselves to someone’s outside success or appearance of perfection, but that is a mirage. Being kind to yourself instead of your #1 enemy will help you gain strength and momentum. So while it would be great to workout 3x a week, you might only have room for 2 or maybe you need a shorter program like T25 or a 30-minute P90X3 routine. Honor yourself for taking that action towards your goal at 2 instead of criticizing yourself for not being “perfect”. You might also like How to Organize Your Life: 17 Keys to Living Better and Happier.

Break it Down Realistically

Just because we want a specific goal to happen, doesn’t mean it’s going to be realistic. If you say, “I’m going to lose 50lbs in 3 weeks” – that’s not realistic or going to serve you well. If we break down our goals into mini-goals, we’re more likely to accomplish them, celebrate and keep going towards the bigger goal. For example, you might say “I am going to lose 2lbs this week by working out 3x a week and tracking my food daily.” Then each week, you can celebrate your accomplishment and move to the next week’s 2lb goal. That way you don’t feel like you’re working towards this huge monumental thing. Plus, it reminds us to take a moment and pat ourselves on the back. You should celebrate losing 2lbs each week as much as that big 50lb goal – it’s hard work, and you rocked it!

Be Involved

Getting involved in your classes and coursework will keep you motivated. In class, sit in the front and ask questions to the professor. For online coursework, utilize the online discussion boards and don’t be afraid to email the professor after the lecture to ask lingering questions.

Use your body to trick your brain

Sit up straight, smile, stretch, walk around, by changing your physiological state, it will help your brain focus and will make you feel more energized and open to work.

Start with just 5 minutes

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get started. If you take just 5 minutes to focus, it will mostly be enough to get you in the mood of working on whatever it is you need to work on and before you know it, hours would pass and you will have made great progress.

Make your goal part of your routine

The first to do to be motivated to do an important task towards your goal is to not allow your feelings to tell you but your calendar to tell you whether you should do it today or not. Don’t let your emotions drive you, instead take control and list everything that needs to be done in a to-do list and work on them every day without putting too much thought into it. Make it a routine.

Think outside your box

Never imagine the future from the box of what your mind is in now and just because your mind is situated in box of previous experiences, it doesn’t mean that is the limit of the world. Remember that your possibilities are much bigger so try to create the future from the now and from nothing rather than past to experience bigger changes. Author Bio: Annie Brianne is a senior content writer at Custom Essay. She loves to write about latest social media trends and technologies. Also, she loves to travel around the world and volunteer herself as educationist to different institutions. She provides professional platform for free logo design service.

Take the challenge of positivity

Always think positively and try to let go of negative threads in your mind before they have a chance to take hold of you. Remember that you might not be able to be positive every time no matter what happens but most of us can develop on our positive thinking and the results it can lead us to. The more you are positive, the more things will become easy for you.

Do research before doing something

When you do a little bit of research before doing something then your expectations will be more realistic and you can also obtain good suggestions on what hindrances that you might have to face. Managing your expectations lowers the almost volatile preliminary enthusiasm. But it can also increase motivation levels that usually follow when most of that enthusiasm has dispersed.

Come out of your comfort zone and don’t fear failure

You must face your challenges to get a genuine boost of motivation. The more you will hold back to face the hard time the more it would be difficult for you to tackle it. Also, never fear from the failures as they are the ladders to your success. Try to redefine failure as feedback and as a usual part of a successful life. Also, try to find the valuable lessons from each of your failures and learn from them.