Top 10 Fortnite tips

Change your daily challenge

Got a daily challenge you don't like? Well just change it! Open the Inspect Challenges page and then abandon the one you're not keen on. Don't worry about missing out, either – it'll just be replaced by a new (and hopefully better) one. What's your favourite Fortnite tip, trick or landing spot? Let us know in the comments!

Learn from your mistakes

Intelligent people bear one great talents; they learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat the same mistake repeatedly.

Your Tutorial/Story Progress, Really Matters

So this one should be a no brainer. If you are playing a game, there’s no doubt that your tutorial/story progress is going to be one of the most important things from a game like this, and it is. This is where you’ll find yourself unlocking schematics, gaining survivors, experience points for characters, survivors, and well schematics. It’s also where you’ll learn much of the games basic functions as well as meet new players whether they are on PC or PlayStation 4. While this sounds dumb, you need that XP for some of your later on activities, and you will want your characters leveled up. Whether it’s a hero you are using or not, they are all equally important, and that is something you may want to make note of as you go through the game. So use your XP sparingly between your main hero as well as your alternative ones.

Do not get fall damage

Try to avoid fall damage, by doing this your health will be conserved. By avoiding fall damages there is more chances of your victory while in any intense fight.

See through walls Fortnite

When you're building in Fortnite, walls become transparent. You can exploit this to get a leg up over your enemies. For instance, throw down a wall and head into edit mode, and you'll be able to see straight through it. Alternatively, if your enemy is hiding behind a wall they've built, dive into edit mode and catch them off-guard.

Don’t be Scared to Tear Houses or Vehicles, but Search Everything First

As weird as this sounds, everything in the game serves a purpose. Even tin cans be quite important as some of them may have scrap you need in order to craft weapons. Bags, chests, and even shelving units do this too, so make sure to search everything. Do not, I repeat, do not leave any corner unchecked. Even oddly angled ceilings in houses can hold secret areas. I’ve found plenty of treasure chests this way and I have yet to regret it. I’ve even gained a legendary schematic from this process. Same goes for cars, mausoleums are another good place to check. Why? Well, you’d be amazed what can be down there if you dig deep enough by breaking a floor or a few walls. Running short on rare supplies? They very well could be down there. Just make sure to check them, you never know what rewards your exploration’s may bring you.

Find the hidden loot room

Everyone likes treasure, and there's a secret room with loads of it in Fortnite. All you need to do is head over to the Tomato Tunnel. If you scour the area, you'll find a hidden room behind a car. Inside is a major loot opportunity with several golden chests – so get hunting!

Know location

Having a good knowledge of location/map is always blissful for any battle royale’s player. With the fine knowledge of map, you can perform better in game, as you are familiar with possible camper and camping spots.

Got Weapons That Are Breaking or Duplicate Schematics? Recycle Them.

If you’ve been playing enough with certain weapons, you may notice that your weapons durability has begun to wear down on the right side of its weapon slot on your HUD. It can be a bit alarming once you notice that the meter has gone from green, to white, to red. Trust me, I’ve been there too, it’s scary. While your weapons are certainly about to break, there’s no doubt that they haven’t outlived their usefulness. Right before everything decides to go to Hell with them, go ahead and unequip them. Once you have a new weapon in their slot, go ahead and recycle them for some valuable resources so you can forge a new weapon. Same goes for schematics if you are running out of inventory room when you’re on your overworld map. These can help kickstart your fighting the good fight once more by providing you with XP so you may level up your more rare schematics.

During event look for chests at objective. None of the other players will be there.