Top 10 Fortnite tips

Decide a Landing Zone

The first important aspect of Fortnite that you must consider is your landing. Having a good landing effectively decides your fate in the game. While you are moving into the map via the Battle Bus, you can get an idea of how many players are dropping to a particular location. When in the parachute, you can see players gliding to particular places most likely with a lot of structures and buildings. Try to avoid these locations as these are the places where there are countless players already fighting for survival. If you want to increase your chances in the late game, it is better to land on the edges of the map where you can find one or two buildings. This is where there will be little to no resistance, and you can easily gather you initial items to make your way towards the safe zone.

Keep An Ear on The Environment

Many players don’t really give much importance to the surroundings. As such they are hardly concerned about what they hear near them. Each sound gives valuable information in the game. Whether it is construction, gathering of enemy players or a gunfight nearby; you can know it all if only you put your ear to it. This is why having proper sound is highly important. Wearing headphones is the best advice I can give in this regard. If you have been dying from stray bullets in the past, then most likely this isn’t going to happen to you anytime soon.

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Adapt to The Situation

If you want to taste success in an online game, as intense as Fortnite, it all depends on doing the right thing at the right moment. In Fortnite, you face situations where you have to decide how long you stay alive. For survival, you must possess the right kind of weapons. If you find yourself in close range situations then keeping a shotgun or an automatic weapon will be helpful for you. However, if you end up in open places, then there is nothing better than a sniper rifle. During your course in the game, you will have to go through plenty of such situations. Many players bound themselves to a single weapon, and that won’t help in the long run. This is why it is recommended to keep weapons, utilities at your disposal to counter what lies next. Assault rifles work perfectly fine in every situation. But their success heavily depends on your aim. Unless you are confident with them, then there is no point in spraying and praying to kill the enemy.

Weapon Rarity

You must know that your weapon is important. A purple pistol would do more good than a green rifle. So be sure to check the stars before picking up the weapon and not picking anything without proper scrutiny. Pistols are where you will find this information the most useful. If you can get hands-on Purple pistols, you can win the early game.

Treasure Hunt

Many people ignore the awesomeness hidden within the treasures. They usually rely on looting weapons from dead enemies. While also a bit risky, you never know if the enemy player really has something worthy enough. Chests, on the other hand, provide valuable weapons and utility if you are lucky enough to open them first. A good way to search for chests is by keeping an eye on shiny things and open your ears to a sparkling sound. Move in the direction, and you will probably hunt down the treasure before anyone else does.

Game Strategy

Basically, there are two methods you can use to survive till the end game. The first one is by landing in a distant place and then making your way to the center of the play area. The problem with the first method is that it requires you to spend a lot of time moving which makes you more vulnerable to attacks. Secondly, you are prone to those who are already in the storm and have taken their positions to shoot anyone else entering the zone. The second method is by directly entering the play area or close to it and hold your position within its close proximity. This way you will have to spend less time moving and more time building, guarding territory and collecting important utility for the end game.

Choose Your Fight and Not Your Death

I have seen many players who take up unnecessary fights whenever they see an enemy player. Fights should be taken if it’s extremely necessary or until you are confident you can take the other guy out. You must be sure of the range on which you are fighting with the enemy and if your weapon is capable enough to deal fatal damage in that particular range. Do not shoot at the enemy in long distances especially if he isn’t aware of you. If you miss by any chance, you will reveal them your location and others who might be sneaking around.

Enter Buildings with Caution

Whenever you are entering the buildings, you must be very cautious. If you see the doors opened, then it means someone is already expecting you. In one case the other guy might have looted the building already and is not waiting on its prey (you). On the other hand, he is already long gone, and you are entering there just to waste your time. In any case, you must make sure that someone is in there. You must then take all necessary measures to take the enemy out. You might hear a lot of sounds if he is moving up and down the buildings looking for loot. This can give you valuable information about how many enemies are currently hiding in the building and if going inside is really worth it.

Surviving is Winning

What many players forget while playing Fortnite is that this game is not about how many players you have killed. Your scorecard doesn’t matter even if you single-handedly killed 90% of the players on the map. The true winner is the one who is the last man standing, and any efforts that do not put one in this place are efforts gone in vain. Someone can win without even killing a single enemy in Fortnite, and that is the true beauty of the game. Probably the best Fortnite tip that I have to share with you is to learn how to survive. That definitely doesn’t mean hiding in one corner of the building and hoping no one kills you. Instead, it is doing the right things and act like a survivor rather than a one-man army. Your survival depends on your skills, and how well you avoid fights and engage in ones where your chances of winning are the most.