Top 10 Foodhacks tips

Blend on High

Don’t let the high-power and noise of your Vitamix machine scare you. Almost everything blends better, faster and easier when you quickly increase the speed to high. Always start on low, but turn that dial quickly. When you blend on high, the motor also stays cool because the cooling fan is maximized. So yes, blending on high rather than medium (especially with thick items like nut butters) actually prevents your machine from over-heating. Blending for too long at too low a speed will overheat your machine and cause the Automatic Overload Protection to turn the machine off.

Freeze onions

When cutting onions, it is the propanethiol S-oxide (enzymes mixing with the sulfenic acid in onions, or so I’ve heard) that makes us cry. To keep from crying, place an onion in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to cutting it. In fact, why don’t you cut a bunch at once and freeze them in portions for ease of use later? Similar to the ground beef tip above, this tip will save you nothing but time. And tears – lots of tears.

Pack Eggs in a Bottle | Cookie Crumbs & Sawdust

What is more classic than cooking scrambled eggs in a cast-iron skillet over the morning fire? Well, maybe roasting marshmallows. 😉 Now you can forget about having broken eggs all over by scrambling them ahead of time and storing them in a bottle! If you won’t want to use plastic, you can simply use a mason jar with a lid.

Poach Perfect Eggs With a Sieve

For making eggs Benedict without fear!

Campfire Popcorn | Delish

Popcorn is great for camping – it’s and easy to pack, easy to make, versatile food that the whole family will love.

The Tamper is Your Friend

When you’re blending thick items like frozen yogurt and nut butters, the tamper is your friend. The tamper can help get the ingredients moving again and prevent air pockets from forming around the blades. The tamper will never come in to contact with the blades as long as the lid is on the blender, so feel free to use a little muscle and push those ingredients into the blades. The best way to do this is to press the tamper down toward the four corners of the container until your recipe is blending smoothly again. Just remember to never fill your container more than two-thirds of the way full when using the tamper.

Keep Your Brown Sugar From Drying Out

This method works with a piece of bread, too. Brown sugar already rock-hard? Here's the best way to soften it back up.

Making your zippers more zippable

You don’t want to deal with jamming zippers when you’re out camping. Keep your tent or bag’s zippers zippy by applying candle wax from un-lit candles. The candle wax makes zipping smooth and prevents them from jamming. Via REI.

Use paddings to make your tent comfy

If you can’t get used to the hard ground under your tent, I prefer you get some floor padding for comfort. Foam floor tiles are specially designed to not only soften your floor but to also keep dirt and mud out of your floor. Can’t get the foam floor tile for your upcoming camping trip, you could try yoga mats. Via.

Don’t waste the marinade

What meat lover doesn’t enjoy a good marinated chicken breast, steak or pork loin?  Taking the hours and hours to marinate that meat sure can crimp your grilling style, not to mention you end up throwing away the excess marinade.Instead, next time use the left over marinade and freeze additional meat for future meals!  So when you want your favorite marinated chicken all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer. Just be sure to label it with the date. 😉