Top 10 Foodhacks tips

Keeping everyone’s clothes organized

For many years campers have been looking for tricks to keep their clothes from wrinkling when camping. Many of us struggled with different hacks and tricks until we were introduced to hanging sorters. The hanging sorter is a genius idea that has made it easy for campers to keep their clothes wrinkle-free. You can also get one for hanging up your outdoor utensils.

Peel Tons of Potatoes at Once

Score the potato across the middle and then the skins just peel off post-boiling. Whoa.

Use Tarps

Rig a tarp both above and below your tent so that you stay dry no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. They are cheap and easy to pack – and make a HUGE difference when needed.

Use Frisbees as plates

You know those gliding toys (frisbees) that you often pack for your camping trips? Well, they are actually quite useful for serving food, especially if you forgot to bring any or enough plates. That’s why I recommend carrying them as they may just serve dual purposes. Just give your Frisbee a clean wash, flip it over, and there you have a “plate”. The Frisbee’s lip will serve you well to hold every type of serving, including those with sauce. If you’re worried about space, why not bring several Frisbees rather than carrying disposable plates. This can be a lot more since they will serve a double purpose. Via.

Turn a Baking Sheet Into a Tart Pan

You don't need a special pan to make this tart—all you need are a rimmed baking sheet and a piece of aluminum foil.

Keeping your tent cool

You may find yourself camping under the scorching sun that could make your tent unbearably hot. You can use a reflective blanket to repel/deflect sunlight, keeping your tent cool. Just spread the reflective blanket on top your tent (directly against the sun) and let it reflect the sun away.

Peel Eggs, While You're At It

Making potato salad? You can also peel lots of hard-boiled eggs in a tupperware bowl with a lid. Swirl 'em around until the shells fall off.

Leftover fresh herbs? Oil infuse them!

My husband Paul and I are seasoning lovers.  When those fresh herbs start to wilt (or even for the sake of ease later) Paul will throw those herbs into an ice cube tray along with garlic and olive oil and freeze them. Nothing better than herb infused olive oil! Just pluck one out when you’re ready to cook and voila!  The combination possibilities are endless, and everything tastes better with fresh (even if frozen) herbs.

Chop Those Eggs Without a Knife

Use a cooling rack to press whole boiled eggs through—they'll chop into little squares.

The Lid Plug Hack

Next time you remove your lid plug to insert your tamper, take a closer look. Because you might have missed the fact that the lid plug is also a mini measuring cup, with 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce measures. This is great if you’re making a cocktail recipe or if you need to add a smidge more liquid to a smoothie or sauce to thin it down. It’s always nice to not have to get another measuring cup dirty.