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Camping vs. stopping wherever you feel like it

In theory, having a campervan means that you can pitch up camp like anywhere. Well, in reality, things are a bit different. For instance, some camping spots offer various facilities like access to a bedroom, shower, and even a place to eat. However, these types of camping spots are rather expensive and do tend to take a toll on your patience. It’s one thing to pitch camp in the middle of nowhere, having only to deal with mosquitos and the sun, and an entirely different thing to tolerate soused campers and loud music. Still, if you want to try out a paid camping spot, we advise you to park as far away as you can from the rest of the campers.

Air your van

Avoid parking your car in the sun and always remember to keep those doors open as much as you can. Ventilation is pretty essential, especially when it’s time for bed. You wouldn’t want to sleep in an oven. Read also: 5 tips for a good night’s sleep on the road

Lock your campervan

If you want to go hiking or visit some of the local attractions, don’t forget to lock and secure your van. You never know who’s prowling around that area.

Don’t forget about pillows and clean bedsheets

Although we might be stating the obvious, some campers do tend to forget to bring along a bedsheet and some pillows. If you’re planning on spending several days near a mountain retreat, remember to pack a thick blanket because, at night, it can get nippy. Read also: Everything you need to pack for long-term travels

Keep that flashlight handy

Even though your car is more than capable of lighting your way, for power conservation purposes, it would be a good idea to use a flashlight. If you want to go to the bathroom in the dead of night, use of flashlight instead of firing up the engine. That way, you won’t wake up everyone. Go for a frontal headlight that will keep your hands free.

Avoid wasting electricity

Before you go to sleep, don’t forget to turn off the engine and the light. We know that listening to a soothing tune before bedtime is tempting but remember that the car’s battery has only so much power. And it’s not like there’s an auto shop around the corner if your battery goes MIA.

Remember to water refill

If you have one of those fancy campervans with running water and toilet, remember to refill the water tanks and empty the waster when you’re at the gas station.

How to bear necessities

While some campervans have their toilets, most of them don’t. So, once you set up camp, you should figure out where’s the designated toilet. Our advice is to make the toilet as far from the van as you can and, preferably, upwind.

Bring along some pleasant company

If you’re flying solo (no SO), you should consider bringing along your best friend. However, before taking this step, be sure to inform your pal of what he/she is getting into (bed-sharing, going into the forest when Nature calls, cooking morsels over a small gas stove/campfire).

Peel a Whole Head of Garlic in Seconds

Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your garlic. (Singing optional.)