Foodhacks tips

Use a good old fashioned coupon

Grocery stores are not the only place where you can use coupons. You can also find tons of coupons for the country’s most popular fast food chains on most coupon sites. Whether it’s for a free drink or 10% off your order, you can find so many money saving coupons for fast food places in the list below.

Consider the cost of ordering items separately vs. a whole  meal

You might think that ordering the value meal is always the cheapest way to go, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, if you order a sandwich and fries separately, and then get water, rather than a soda, it can work out cheaper in some restaurants. However, you’ll have to compare the price at the particular restaurant you eat at.

Share the fries

One of the easiest ways you can save money on fast food in places like Burger King and McDonald’s is by splitting the fries. If you’re eating out with your spouse or a family member, then order a large value meal and then split the fries between you. Then, the other person only has to order a burger by itself, rather than a whole meal.

Check your receipt for discounts

After the cashier hands your fast food over, your receipt is probably the last thing on your mind. Generally, people discard their receipt not long after they finish their meal, but they’re missing out on an opportunity to save money. Surprisingly, many fast food places give customers discount codes, and other savings opportunities, right on their receipts. For example, Burger King often prints an offer for a free burger on its receipts. Many places print a survey offer – so if you answer a quick poll, then you’ll receive a freebie or offer, like a buy one get one free deal. Do keep in mind that the offers on these receipts generally have a short expiration date. Take the time to have a quick look at your receipt, as it could save you money.


Have a bowl full of bananas about to go bad? Cut them up and freeze them! This is a great way to preserve the bananas for later use in smoothies, banana bread etc. Another great way to keep your freezer organized and to prevent freezer burn is to invest in a vacuum sealing storage system.  Keeping all frozen things air-tight helps to prevent freezer burn, and buying in bulk (especially during Dillons’ meat sales!) is many times cheaper than buying individually. Separate them out when you get home and vacuum seal what you won’t use before the best-by date. Do you have any new and awesome frozen food hacks we need to know about? Leave them in the comments!


Not to get all Paula Dean on you here, but real butter will always taste better.  My personal stock up price is $2 per pound, so when Dillons puts them on sale for about that price I STOCK UP and freeze it. Tip: If you’re not the kind to leave your butter in a dish on the counter, try using a cheese grater next time you butter your toast instead of trying to smear rock hard butter.

Chicken stock

Does your family enjoy baked whole chicken? It is a super inexpensive meal and you can get even more bang for your buck by boiling down the carcass (add whatever seasonings you like, if any), then straining and freezing the chicken stock.  Use ice cube trays and pop them out when frozen.

Tell a family member where you’re going

Because life on the road can be unpredictable, you would do well to tell a family member where you’re heading to in case something goes wrong. Moreover, you always make sure your smartphone is fully charged. Keep the emergency number on the quick dial. Heading out in a campervan doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a comfortable person. Far from it. Campervans are very cool because they allow you to set camp basically anywhere. Before hitting the road don’t forget about the most basic stuff: gas for the van, food for your belly, enough water and drinks, and anything in between. As a bonus tip, we strongly advise you to take the campervan out for a spin before embarking on your journey. Sure, the campervan’s just like any other car, but it takes getting used to it, especially if you’re driving a car with automatic transmission. Careful around those corners because the campervan is a lot heavier than a regular car. Last, but not least, don’t forget to have fun, take tons of pictures, and share your fantastic experience with your friends and family members. Did we forget any campervan hacks you’d like to add to this list? We are just an email away! Get in touch. Related:

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Keep your eye on that fuel gauge

It’s easy to overlook the campervan’s fuel gauge when you’re out there, on the road, cracking some jokes with your friend or significant other. Still, do keep in mind that gas stations don’t grow in trees. Plan your trip and estimate your fuel consumption so that you’ll know exactly when and where to stop.

Stock up on snacks and booze

What’s a camping trip without a cold beer and some snacks? So, before setting out, be sure to do some shopping. If your campervan comes equipped with a minifridge, then you should have no trouble cooling that beer. Read also: 10 Plant-based snacks you can prepare anywhere