Foodhacks tips

Campfire Eclairs

If you happen to go camping with your kids, campfire elcairs would be a better dessert option for your family. You’ll need some refrigerated crescent rolls, vegetable oil, chocolate frosting, and pudding cups to make campfire elcairs. Use an aluminum foil to wrap both ends of the roasting sticks, divide the crescent rolls into separate squares (probably four) using your fingers to press them together, then wrap the rolls around the dowel (with no holes). You’ll then bake the rolls by rotating the roasting stick over hot coal until all sides of the roll have browned. Once the rolls are fully baked (browned), remove them gently by rotating the roasting stick as you smoothly pull them off. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes, fill the pastry’s inside with pudding, use the chocolate frosting to frost the top of the pastry, and that’s it. Via.

Campfires Strawberries

Every new day brings with it new camping ideas. Campfire strawberries have been popping up all over the social media lately. I tried it recently and I bet it’s just heavenly as it looks. Pierce the strawberries with a skewer, dip them in marshmallow crème (fluff) and roast on a flame to fruity perfection. Roast until the coating appears toasted while the berries appear melty. Via.

Silica Gel for packing cookware

Cooking is one of the best activities to engage in when you’re camping and it’s important to keep the cookware safe. Using silica gel packets have proven quite useful for sucking up moisture in items that tend to rust. This means you’ll need to collect them from whatever packages you purchase, or buy a pack of them, as they may just save your cookware from rusting. Use these packets to pack your cookware and save yourself from the disappointment of pulling out rusty bowls or skillets on your camping trip. Via.

Use Nalgene to warm your sleeping bag

We all know that waking up to wet or cold sleeping bag is no fun. To cope with the cold nights while camping, you’ll need to fill your Nalgene with hot water and toss it in the bottom (feet area) of your sleeping bag before you retire for the evening. This idea utilizes the heat-storing capabilities of water and how warming our bodies’ remote extremities helps warm the entire body. Just make sure that your Nalgene is made out of hard plastic for better and gradual dissipation of heat. In case you don’t own one, you could try burying a water bottle in a few shirts. Via.

Keep a pair of clean socks for sleeping only

If you prefer sleeping in socks, try to save a pair that you’ll be putting on before you toss your feet into the sleeping bag. With this trick, you’ll be taking advantage of your emotional and mental comfort. Wearing a clean pair of socks tends to lift your morale tremendously, not when you’re sleeping but also when you’re running your day to day errands. Well, even if you can’t afford to shower, putting on a clean pair of socks that will help you keep the bark, pine needles, splinters, dirt, dust and whatever else your everyday socks may have picked from entering your sleeping bag. Via.

Get a double sleeping bag

Camping is more about getting creative and utilizing the limited resources around you to come up with a masterpiece. If you’re going camping with someone you don’t mind sharing a sleeping bag with, then a double sleeping bag is an ideal option. With the duo sleeping bag, both occupants will keep warmer because of the heat transfer between them. Besides, sleeping bags are either made out of down feathers or synthetic fluff to keep you warm. The double sleeping bags will not only keep you warmer than the single occupant bags but can be folded into a portable sack for easy transportation. Buy it here.

Use Frisbees as plates

You know those gliding toys (frisbees) that you often pack for your camping trips? Well, they are actually quite useful for serving food, especially if you forgot to bring any or enough plates. That’s why I recommend carrying them as they may just serve dual purposes. Just give your Frisbee a clean wash, flip it over, and there you have a “plate”. The Frisbee’s lip will serve you well to hold every type of serving, including those with sauce. If you’re worried about space, why not bring several Frisbees rather than carrying disposable plates. This can be a lot more since they will serve a double purpose. Via.

Freeze gallon jugs of water as cooler ice packs

We all know how challenging it can be to bring ice on a camping trip. It melts quickly and could turn into a watery mess easily with things getting (non-plastic packages) getting soaked and soggy. So, instead of pouring ice into your cooler, you should freeze gallon jugs of water and have them in instead. The jugs are perfectly built for expansion in freezing and won’t crack in freezing. This means you’ll have ice you need for your cooler and drinking water in a single package, without having to worry about the watery mess that comes with ice. Via.

Use a rake to perfect your grilling skills

The rake you’ve used to clear or clean your camping ground could be so useful for cooking your hot dogs over the campfire. Just skewer enough hot dogs on the rake and roast them over an open fire or a grill. With this simple trick, you’ll be cooking all your hot dogs at once. Via.

Use paddings to make your tent comfy

If you can’t get used to the hard ground under your tent, I prefer you get some floor padding for comfort. Foam floor tiles are specially designed to not only soften your floor but to also keep dirt and mud out of your floor. Can’t get the foam floor tile for your upcoming camping trip, you could try yoga mats. Via.