Foodhacks tips

Make a makeshift lantern

You don’t have to spend lots of money to get some extra smooth light for your campsite. Just get a clear gallon jug, fill it with water, wrap your headlamp around it, turn it on, and enjoy the soft, ambient light from your makeshift lantern. You’ll be surprised how it provides soft lighting that fills your tent. Hack via Popsugar.

Making your zippers more zippable

You don’t want to deal with jamming zippers when you’re out camping. Keep your tent or bag’s zippers zippy by applying candle wax from un-lit candles. The candle wax makes zipping smooth and prevents them from jamming. Via REI.

Keeping the toilet paper safe and dry

There are super easy ways to keep your toilet paper safe from being crushed and dry from light showers or accidental drops in water. Just take cylindrical can (something that can accommodate the tissue paper roll), pop the TP roll in, cut a slit on the side and run the paper out through the slit. Via alaskaoutdoorjournal

How to carry your spices

You can bring your spices in flame-sealed straws and avoid packing your bulky spice containers. Just cut long straws into small sections and use them to make handy spice holders by flaming sealing the ends and labeling them correctly. Via REI.

Eggs in a jar/bottle – Easy eggs

This is one of the most genius camping ideas. You don’t have to worry about the eggs breaking or cracking along the way. You just need to crack the eggs into the bottle and store them in your until you’re ready to use them. To make scrambled eggs, just shake the jar/bottle vigorously and pour them into the pan. Via.

Pre-made pancake – shake and pour

You need convenience when you’re out camping and pre-made or shake-and-pour are among one of the best camping hacks and tricks today. You can pre-make your pancake batter by mixing all your ingredients, putting the mix in plastic bags, and the freezing them. You could also prepare and store a dry mix in a mason jar ahead of time. Once you’re ready to make the pancakes just add the eggs and water, and shake. Via.

Use sage as a mosquito repellant

You could use Sage (Salvia Officinalis) to create your own mosquito repellant when you’re out there camping. Sage leaves and stems are known to emit a strong fragrance and produce oil extracts that are used to manufacturer mosquito repellants. You could create your homemade sage oil repellant by following a short recipe and use the oil repellent for camping. When you’re out there camping, you could also throw some sage leaves and stems on the fire to keep mosquitos away. Via.

The Taco-In-A-Bag Camping Treat

Maintaining healthy eating habits is still important even when you’re out there camping. This means you have to maintain a balanced diet by balancing your nutrient sources. You don’t have to complicate your camping meals. This idea of Taco-In-A-Bag is the best way to keep your meals simple with the right nutrients. Get your Taco-In-A-Bug from your preferred producer and when you’re ready to settle for a camping meal, just add the necessary ingredients, shake the contents of the bag for everything to mix up, and that’s it. Grab a spoon or fork, open the bag, and dig in. Via.

Campfire Cones

Along those same lines, cooking can be so challenging, though some people still find it fun. When it comes to your camping trip desserts, one easiest and friendliest camping dessert course is Campfire Cones. To make the cones, you’ll just need a waffle cone (whichever you prefer) with your favorite combo of fruits and other sweet treats, carefully wrap it in foil, and place it in the coals of your fire for about 5-10 minutes. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Whether you’re a veteran or new camper, campfire cones are just the real deal for camping desserts. Via.

Campfire Donuts

Your camping experience only gets better depending on how creative you can be. Camping desserts don’t get any better until you try out the popular campfire doughnuts made out of biscuit dough. You’ll need refrigerated biscuit dough, ground cinnamon, and granulated sugar. Just heat some oil in a large cast-iron skillet (you could use an empty can), after the oil has heat until bubbles form poke a hole in the middle biscuit dough, dip them in the bag containing both sugar and cinnamon, and shake them to coat the dough. Fry the coated biscuit dough until golden, probably 3 minutes for each side. Once they are ready, drain the doughnuts on paper towels, that’s it. Some people would prefer coating the doughnuts with cinnamon sugar instead of the dough. Via.