Top 10 Fo4 tips

Sometimes you will get Legendary Brotherhood members at the police station.

And you can pickpocket them for legendary loot. If you travel to the Cambridge Police Station a lot, like running Quartermastery, and Cleansing the Commonwealth repeatable quests, you might want to look around and see if you spot them. Gallery - Pictures of what they normally look like (at least in my game) and what I have managed to scrounge so far.

You can instruct your followers to enter the extra power armor frames you have

If you are annoyed by Travis' awkward stuttering, take the quest from the owner of the Dugout Inn.

Personally I thought it was amusing at first but it got old quick. Talk to the innkeeper in Diamond City.

Setscale works on building props. Build big things.

Give your companion the World Series Bat.

So much fun to watch!

After using PA stations and workbenches in the open, please inspect before leaving. Any remnant materials from broken down junk are stored inside, not in your inventory.

After 20 hours of playing, I just realized pressing Activate (E) on cutoff computer terminal messages can reveal a 2nd or more pages of information.

I had just thought people died midway through typing their messages or they were cut off to fit within the terminal screen. The option to see the next page is not listed on the bottom UI hotkey bar (at least for the PC version).

If you move the garden plot while plants are on it, you can place any new plants anywhere on the plot. (WW).

Just found this out today, and it's very useful for making your garden plots look a little bit coherent. Not sure if someone has found this out already or not.Edit: Also just noticed if you do this you will be able to select the food from it's original position even though it isn't there anymore. If you save and quit it fixes it though.

Setting up Supply Lines Between Settlements.

Hello fellow wanderer's.I wasn't sure if anyone had figured this out yet or not but thought I'd put it out there for those that struggled with this such as myself.Once you've setup the supply line to the particular settlement you're wanting, the items from 1 workbench will then be shared with the other. The issue here is that you won't actually see the shared items when you go into workbench, you will only see it when you go into 'building mode'. The total items being used to build the particular item you're wanting would be sourced for the whole shared storage.Hope this helps anyone else out there!