Top 10 Fo4 tips

Track lighting can be easily placed under cement steps for nifty lighted stairs.

1500 hours played and just now realized you can hold down V while in V.A.T.S. to "unzoom" and look around while remaining in V.A.T.S.

For Console games I think the VATS button would do the same thing

Don't try out the Guass Rifle in your Settlement.

I wanted to see what it could do! And I can shoot Preston in the chest when he walks around the corner, unexpectedly, and get you jumped by the rest of your settlers. Great rifle though.

How-to hide your generators wires water pumps and power your whole house.

When creating a house use the first floor as the area to put your generators. Below is layout and what I am referencing when I say floors.[3]-2nd Floor[2]-1st Floor[1]-Generator RoomWall off the whole [Generator Room] place all generators water pumps in there.Under power resources you can select the [upside down] Power Conduit that will attach to the roof of the generator room [1st Floor] doing this will hide all wires noise and smoke that the generators produce. All floors directly above your generators will be provided power. update with renovation

The Wicked Shipping truck key opens ALL Wicked Shipping trucks in the Commonwealth.

I couldn't find anything in the search, but I thought this was something worth noting for people who are keen on exploring like me. :)This past weekend, I found myself around the Wicked Shipping Lockup and I picked up the truck key to get into the back of the truck in the front. Thought nothing of it, figured it was a one-off thing and forgot all about it.I stumbled across an overturned Wicked Shipping truck somewhere else (by some tipped train cars with a suit of power armor in a cage) and it turns out that the key I had picked up opened the back!So, while I haven't tested all of the trucks in the Commonwealth, I assume that if it works for some random truck in the middle of Bufu, it should work for all others. :)Food for thought!

DON'T Use Ultra Quality God Rays.

Looking at the Nvidia Performance and Tweaking Guide, God Ray quality has a huge impact on performance, while not providing much of a difference in actual detail of the God Rays, they look good even on Low. So stick with Low or Medium, High and Ultra start to tank your FPS. This seems to be by far the biggest performance impact of any of the settings.

Grilled radstag (cooked radstag meat) gives you +25 carrying capacity, lasts (I think) for a whole day, and isn't addictive.

Dealing with Radiation in ~~Kiddie Kingdom~~.

I made a comment in another thread about dealing with radiation in Kiddie Kingdom and it got a good reaction among few people. So I decided to create a thread to get the word out. Use Mysterious Serum! It takes away 10 rads every second for an hour. The most rads I got before using this was around 7 rads in Kiddie Kingdom. This will allow you to use your normal armor while dealing with those legendary ghouls.Edit: Sorry about the jacked up title. For some reason I thought the ~'s were how you hide something.

Use streetlights instead of large power pilons.

With copper as a valuable resource, a streetlight only uses half (2 instead of 4) the copper. Plus, free light :)