Top 10 Fo4 tips

If you start to throw a grenade and need to cancel it, enter your pip-boy. You can release the grenade button in there and when you leave your pip-boy, you won't throw your grenade.

Needed this a while ago.

Resource Duplication

Building settlements is a controversial topic in Fallout 4. Players either love it or despise it. Fortunately, if you’re the latter of the two, I have a Fallout 4 glitch still working in 2020, that will not only make building easier, but it’ll actually be enjoyable.

  • Walk over and stand next to your workbench at any settlement (this is just for efficiency, it doesn’t affect the glitch)
  • Drop the resource you want to duplicate (it will always double, if you start with 100, you’ll end up with 200, then 400 and so on)
  • Go into workshop mode
  • look at the resource on the ground and press Scrap, Accept and Store, not even half a second between (Keep your fingers on Accept and Store [X & Circle on PlayStation])
  • If done right you’ll have both scrap and store windows open, like the picture below.
  • If both windows pop up, let go of ‘X’ (Accept) first, if only one of the Scrap or Store window opens, let go of Circle first to cancel and try again!
  • If does right, you will have scrapped and stored your resources, meaning you’ll have double sitting in the workbench.

Unlimited XP

  • First of all, head to the Saugus Ironworks, head to the back room and then fight the boss sporting power armour
  • Once he’s dead, head up the ramp and you’ll find a picket fence magazine (this will add the ability to craft statues)
  • Head to a settlement that you’re not likely to use
  • After using the ‘Resource Duplication’ glitch for as much copper as you can, start crafting statues everywhere!
  • When you get to the point where you can’t craft anymore statues, walk over to a statue and repeatedly Scrap and Rebuild it.
  • This process will skyrocket your XP.

Unlimited Health

Ok, so this isn’t TECHNICALLY an unlimited health glitch, but it’s the closest working Fallout 4 health glitch in 2020.

  • Get yourself over to a chemistry station (they can be found or crafted at any settlement)
  • Find an item that gives health (I usually go for Refreshing Beverage) and now hover over the item underneath it. (You’ll need the ingredients for this item.)
  • Hit the Cook button, followed by up on the left stick almost instantaneously.
  • If done right, you’ll have crafted a +500 health consumable without wasting any ingredients
  • Do this as many times as you need

Never Run Out Of Ammo

This Fallout 4 glitch is pretty simple and very useful, considering the ammo you need is always hard to come by.

  • Head to Cabot House
  • Once inside, tell your follower to wait (otherwise they’ll just get in the way)
  • Run straight ahead through the door and downstairs
  • There’s a closet once you make your way downstairs, go inside
  • Shut the door behind you, crouch (so nobody detects you)
  • Steal everything from the chest, the safe under the bed, and on top of the wardrobe
  • Now leave the room, leave Cabot House, and fast travel far away (somewhere far like Vault 111)
  • Once you’ve arrived, walk around for about 20 seconds
  • Travel back to Cabot House
  • All of the weapons and ammo have replenished
  • Rinse and repeat!

Unlimited Caps

The most sought-after Fallout 4 glitch in 2020, is a working ‘Unlimited Caps’ glitch. The good news being that there is one, it’s easy to do, and you’ve already achieved it whilst following the ‘Duplicate Resources’ glitch.

  • Open up your workshop
  • choose a store (armour stores are worth the most)
  • Follow the Scrap and Store steps in the ‘Duplicate Resources’ glitch
  • Keep duplicating stores and you’ll have thousands of caps in your workbench

Overlap Items While Building In Workshop Mode

Possibly the easiest Fallout 4 glitch in 2020. Ever find yourself trying to make a perfectly square building, but walls seem to have a mind of their own? Well, this Fallout 4 glitch will sort you right out!

  • Go into your workbench
  • Select a rugs and stack 3 or 4 rugs on top of one another (add more for extra height)
  • Put an object (i.e a wall or jukebox) on top of your stack of rugs
  • After moving the top rug you’ll see that it can be placed anywhere with the object still on top
  • This is a great way to clip walls together when they wouldn’t usually fit

If you sink to the bottom of the water with your power armor and cant get out; use fast travel.

Hope this help.