Top 10 Fo4 tips

Rename your guns with the ammo type first, easier to compare stats

How To Make Your Pipboy Flashlight White While Keeping the Screen an Iconic Green.

Pipboy colors: since it doesn't use a numeric value, I'll do it by number of clicks starting from the RIGHT side, meaning you'll have green turned all the way up. Number of Clicks From Right SideR: 7 (65%)G: 0 (100%)B: 9 (55%)any variation of this and you risk muddying up the flashlight light. If Your Pipboy is Purple, reverse the position of the RBG sliders.Set your HUD colors to your liking. Personally I run mine like thisO: 5R: 2 from the left (10%)G: 7 (35%)B: 4 from the left (20%)A darker, less vibrant and distracting green.I'm on Xbox One. PS4 works same way. I'm sure pc does too. By "clicks" I mean on the D-Pad/keyboard/mouseEdit: added system and clarification.

Freeway dirt piles are a rich source of clean drinking water.

Save. All. The. Time.

Fallout 4 communicates in a lot of ways, but its clearest voice is always death. Death can mean a lot of things in Fallout 4, but if you die and lose more than a few minutes worth of progress, what the game is telling you is to save more often. You can increase the frequency of your autosave in the options menu, which is great, but remember that this setting only applies when you go in and out of your Pip-Boy. But good news! Quicksaving is available in the pause menu and is incredibly fast. Also, maintain a lot of save files. Our friend Chris Plante wrote about the great time he was having in Fallout 4 until he found himself stuck in an elevator after multiple in-game glitches. This is awful, and ideally it won't happen. If it does, the best way to fix it shy of a massive social media campaign is to save often, and maintain staggered saves. This means you should select "create new save" in the save screen. This could be the difference between losing 20 minutes or losing everything.

Pick a weapon type early and focus!

There are perks for different kinds of weapons that give them better damage and effectiveness, so it doesn't hurt to pick one based around the best weapon you find early. The 10 mm pistol is useful for a long time, so points in pistols early can't hurt. (Don't run in Power Armor)

Run for your life.

If you get into trouble, or see an enemy you don't think you can kill, use Fallout 4's new sprint function to get the hell out of there. And don't be cute and use VATS to try to kill it with a critical hit — VATS and sprint use the same meter. Also, don't worry about your companion if they keep starting fights. Eventually they'll get away and come back to you.

You can keep the mods from weapons you find ...

... but only if you take them off a weapon before you scrap it. You can also take mods off weapons you find and put them on weapons you already own — including "legendary" gear you find on legendary bosses.