Fo4 tips

Fast travel without losing time, by relaying thru the Institute.

Don't want those berry mentats wearing off before the next mission? Did you nearly forget about Finch Farm being under attack??Well fret not! If you're (still) on good terms with the Institute, just fast travel there before your intended destination to make the journey in real time.

You can send your companions to disarm and pick up mines.

You press once to disarm and then again after to pick it up

You can use VATS on grenades you throw for a pin-point explosion.

Simply chuck your grenade in the desired direction, and quickly activate VATS. You'll be able to target your grenade and shoot it for extreme explosive accuracy.This also works with enemy grenades. If you can react fast enough, you can put a violent end to their attempt at throwing it at you.

For Those That Play On Survival in Nuka World.

I've read several people asking if there's any water sources around to fill up your bottles.Well, turns out there is a fast way to fill them. I don't know if anyone has posted this before but I'll leave it to you guys as a tip.Once you exit the keep where the gorillas are, head left and head allllll the way till the end. If ya head left there, there's a building that says "Restrooms". There's water fountains there which you can fill up to get dirty.Hope this is of help for someone.

If you are annoyed by Travis' awkward stuttering, take the quest from the owner of the Dugout Inn.

Personally I thought it was amusing at first but it got old quick. Talk to the innkeeper in Diamond City.

You can instruct your followers to enter the extra power armor frames you have

Setscale works on building props. Build big things.

Sometimes you will get Legendary Brotherhood members at the police station.

And you can pickpocket them for legendary loot. If you travel to the Cambridge Police Station a lot, like running Quartermastery, and Cleansing the Commonwealth repeatable quests, you might want to look around and see if you spot them. Gallery - Pictures of what they normally look like (at least in my game) and what I have managed to scrounge so far.

Dealing with Radiation in ~~Kiddie Kingdom~~.

I made a comment in another thread about dealing with radiation in Kiddie Kingdom and it got a good reaction among few people. So I decided to create a thread to get the word out. Use Mysterious Serum! It takes away 10 rads every second for an hour. The most rads I got before using this was around 7 rads in Kiddie Kingdom. This will allow you to use your normal armor while dealing with those legendary ghouls.Edit: Sorry about the jacked up title. For some reason I thought the ~'s were how you hide something.

Grilled radstag (cooked radstag meat) gives you +25 carrying capacity, lasts (I think) for a whole day, and isn't addictive.