Fo4 tips

Aim a foot *above* supermutants heads to cut their heads off consistently.

Rename your guns with the ammo type first, easier to compare stats

If you get a piece of armor that's higher level than your skill then you can just craft the upgrade on a lower piece and attach the mod. Hooray.

Lets say you buy that left mantis greave and want to make it studded but can't cause it requires too high of a skill, take a piece of regular left leg leather armor and craft studded and then remove the mod. Now go back to the mantis and it'll attach like any other mod. I've had to do this a couple of times now having gotten a few pieces of heavy combat armor that I couldn't upgrade directly. You're welcome.

Beds can be assigned for further organization, however every time you reassign a Settler a role, they will search for a useable bed again.

I've been playing every day for wayyyy too long building settlements and managing these little fuckers. I tried assigning settlers to beds located right next to their working station. Came across this mechanic while assigning tasks.

Repair Unstable Robot Parts in Combat with Medic legendary Effect.

If your robot has unstable weapons, such as the nuke launchers or the explosive miniguns, they may break in the middle of combat making them useless until combat ceases.However is you use a weapon with the Medic legendary effect on it on your robot their parts will regenerate. This effectively negates the downside of the unstable parts as long as you can keep an eye on your robot.

If you sink to the bottom of the water with your power armor and cant get out; use fast travel.

Hope this help.

Freeway dirt piles are a rich source of clean drinking water.

How To Make Your Pipboy Flashlight White While Keeping the Screen an Iconic Green.

Pipboy colors: since it doesn't use a numeric value, I'll do it by number of clicks starting from the RIGHT side, meaning you'll have green turned all the way up. Number of Clicks From Right SideR: 7 (65%)G: 0 (100%)B: 9 (55%)any variation of this and you risk muddying up the flashlight light. If Your Pipboy is Purple, reverse the position of the RBG sliders.Set your HUD colors to your liking. Personally I run mine like thisO: 5R: 2 from the left (10%)G: 7 (35%)B: 4 from the left (20%)A darker, less vibrant and distracting green.I'm on Xbox One. PS4 works same way. I'm sure pc does too. By "clicks" I mean on the D-Pad/keyboard/mouseEdit: added system and clarification.