Flipping tips

Run your eBay fees through a cash back credit card.

Free money for paying a bill you were going to pay anyway. I get back about 1000 a year doing this

Buy a big roll of kraft paper!!!.

I recommend 50lb paper, at least 24 inches wide. This stuff is AWESOME to have around! It's cheap (like 1 or 2 cents a square foot) and it has so many uses. You can use it as packing material. Crumple it around non-fragile items to keep them from rolling around during shipping. It's way cheaper than using bubbles, and is way cleaner than using newspaper or something. Also, if you're reusing boxes, or making your own boxes, wrap this around the outside like you're wrapping a present. It gives a clean look, and offers another level of protection during shipping. Just a thought. If you have other shipping tips, feel free to share!

Design A New Logo

When was the last time you updated your logo? If it still uses the ‘Playlist’ font, sorry, but it’s time to update it to something more current! It’s free and easy to create your own logo using Canva. Or if you’d prefer to work with a professional, hire the awesome people at 99 Designs to design your perfect logo for you.

Improve Your Design

If you’re someone still using a default, lackluster free WordPress theme because you’re too cheap to spend money on your blog, it’s time to drop that lack attitude! Your blog is your business and you need to invest in the right products it requires to function as such. The look and usability of your website is extremely important. It’s the first and last impression a site visitor or potential buyer has of you. In just three seconds upon landing on your website, a visitor decides if they trust you or take you seriously or not, simply from the look of your website’s design. Appearing professional starts with your theme. Fortunately, professional WordPress themes are extremely affordable. I recommend that a budget of $130 is all you need. You can get the best WordPress framework Genesis and a custom child theme from StudioPress within this budget, in fact. Plus, with a premium WordPress theme such as this, there is no coding, design skills or tech know-how needed. You simply download a file and then upload it to your WordPress site with a few clicks. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress theme. Even if you just put in a little time customizing your theme, your trial and error time will be well worth it. Finally, if you absolutely can’t do it yourself, it is very cost-effective to have me do this for you. Simply send me a message and let me know you’d like me to install a new theme for you.

Define Your Niche and Purpose

What is your blog about? What is its purpose? Many bloggers throw together random thoughts about many broad topics. This is fine if you are a hobby blogger. But if you are serious about your blog, you need to define your niche. New visitors should be able to determine the general theme and purpose of your blog without too much trouble. If your niche is not obvious, make it obvious. People want to follow good blogs about narrow topics that they’re interested in. And the same goes for buyers looking to buy a website. They want to buy a defined niched blog for sale as opposed to a too general undefined website.

It is always easier to monetize a defined niche blog, so it’s important to nail this.

For some guidance to figure this out, enroll in our free niche discovery course. This course will help you plan out your blog’s purpose, and show you how to develop yourself as the go-to authority in your niche.

Ways To Resurrect Your Failing Blog Into A Success (Sell It For Profit)

Bloggers must not only be able to create compelling content, but they must also acquire some basic skills for blog design, social media marketing, and business management. These tips and tricks will give you a significant head start or facelift needed to be successful. Use these blog tips as a guide to fix your website, either for your personal use or for the intention to sell your blog for profit.


You should definitely be on the lookout for anything silver when you visit the thrift store. Sometimes, real silver can end up on the shelves at the thrift store. And, no matter what form it takes, whether it’s a goblet or a fork, it can still be valuable. Look out for markings, or anything that looks slightly tarnished, as it might be sterling silver. A quick and easy way you can check if something is real silver is to perform the ring test. Here is how:

  • Real silver rings when you tap it. So, gently tap the items with a pen, pencil or a quarter and see if it rings out.
  • If it creates a high pitched ring that lasts a couple of seconds, you may have silver in your hand. Of course, that’s not a definitive test, but it can give you an indication. Items from the thrift store can be sold both online and offline. Offline, garage sales and flea markets are good places to sell stuff. But, often the Internet is the best place. Online, you get access to a wider demographic of customers. So, if you have an item like a record, then you’re more likely to find a person who’s looking for that specific record online. Similarly, a person who’s looking for clothing from Ralph Lauren will likely type in that specific phrase when they’re browsing eBay. And, if you have a piece of Ralph Lauren clothing on sale, then they’ll find your listing and potentially buy it. Essentially, the Internet makes it much easier for you to get an item in front of the right audience. General marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist and Etsy are great places to resell thrift store items. But, if you’ve got something specific, like a book to sell, then consider selling them on a site that caters specifically to book lovers.


Fine China can sometimes be found at the thrift store. And you can often pick it up for a low price, but get much more back for it if you resell it. Make sure that you look for a stamp or an embossed sign underneath, as this is a sign that it’s valuable.


Lego has been around for decades, and it’s as popular as ever today. That’s why it’s a great item to resell. Always check your local thrift store to see if they have any in stock. All types of Lego sell well, but figures from well-known TV shows and movies sell particularly well, as do collections of vintage Lego. If you can find a full set or a big collection of Lego at the thrift store, then even better. Overall, Lego is an item that you could make a good profit from, especially if you resell it online. You can specially make good money selling Lego on eBay.