Flipping tips

Search for coupons

Before going thrift shopping, do a quick online search for coupons. And be sure to look through the local sales flyers that come in the mail, because they often have coupons for thrift shops in your area. I’ve seen everything from $5 off $25 to as much as 50% off an entire purchase. Stacking your savings is always the secret to scoring the best deals.

Look for items with retail tags still attached

If you’re a bit uncomfortable wearing clothes that someone has already worn, look for clothes with their store tags still attached. I see this ALL the time. Maybe it was a gift that the recipient didn’t like, or just something they bought and never wore. Whatever the reason, there’s massive savings in store for you.

Have a use in mind

If you can’t think of a specific way you’ll use what you’re planning to buy, it’s probably best not to bring it home. You don’t want your home to start looking like an episode of Hoarders, just because you couldn’t resist all the great thrift store prices. Related: 7 Smart Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Something

Thrift shop on vacation

For some reason, thrift shopping on vacation is particularly fun! Maybe because they’re stores you’ve never been to, or because they might be full of merchandise not available in your hometown. Either way, if you have some downtime on vacation, consider checking out some thrift shops. The items you buy will be particularly memorable!

Test electronics before you buy

Find (or ask for) an outlet so that you can plug in any electronic item you’re interested in purchasing. You don’t want to get home and be disappointed.