Flipping tips

Join their loyalty club or email list

Many thrift shops have loyalty programs you can take advantage of. I belong to Goodwill’s Club Blue, and they email me once a month with a calendar of their sale dates. They sometimes also send coupons for specific days. And once I spend $100 (over time), I’ll get $5 off my next purchase.

pressure flip[edit]

A pressure kickflip that rotates 360 degrees .[citation needed]

toe flip[edit]

A pressure 360 flip, flipped with the toe of the back foot.[citation needed]

Dolphin /Dragon flip/360 Forward flip[edit]

A dolphin/forward flip with a 360-degree rotation. It was named the "Reda flip" by Moroccan skateboarder Reda Hadada. Two days after he landed the trick, Chris Chann also landed it. He was inspired by Hadada's video and changed the name to Dragon flip for his YouTube series "Trick Challenge" (episode 11) in April 2014. Chann got the idea for the name from the anime television series Dragon Ball Z, which he had been watching the night before filming.[127]

degree kickflip/heelflip[edit]

The skateboarder's body spins 360 degrees in the same direction as the board during a kickflip. Professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez finished in second place in "The Battle of the Berrics 2" (contest) to Cole, as he was unable to execute the 360-degree kickflip.[104]

inward double heelflip[edit]

A 360 inward double is a 360 inward heelflip with two heelflip rotations.[citation needed]

Inward Heelflip[edit]

A backside 360 shuvit combined with a heelflip.[citation needed]


A 360 frontside pop shuvit combined with a kickflip. Professional skateboarder Jimmy Carlin was filmed executing a 360 hardflip down a set of stairs in the video Capital Motion.[88] American skateboarder Robbyn Spangler-Magby (amateur) has also been filmed executing the trick—at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera—for the Skateology web-based video series.[89] The 360 Hard-Flip was first documented in the 2005 video Synopsis it was performed by Al Garcia and was executed over a hip. The video featured top skaters Gershon Mosley, Aaron Snyder, and Dan Pageau. Synopsis marks the first video that both Mike Mo and Nick Merlino made their first appearance in.

Varial Kickflip/360 flip/Tre flip[edit]

A combination of a 360-degree backside-pop shuvit and a kickflip.[60][61] Also known as a tre flip. Professional skateboarders such as Josh Kalis, Capaldi, Ethan Fowler, Jason Lee, and Stefan Janoski have been recognized for their 360 flips.[62][63][64][65] The trick was invented by Mullen in 1983.[23] An extra rotation can also be added, known as a "360 double flip", and Capaldi, O'Neill, and Song have been filmed executing the trick; O'Neill was also filmed executing the trick in switch stance as part of Battle at the Berrics 6.[66][67][68][69] Footage of professional skateboarder Chris Cole, executing a 360 triple flip, was released on the internet in 2010.[70]

Thrift shop online

Websites like ThredUp and ShopGoodwill are ways to thrift shop without leaving your home. If you lack the time or inclination to go out hunting for deals, consider thrift shopping online. I really hope you enjoyed these thrift store shopping tips! I’d love to hear how your latest thrift store shopping trip went!