Fitness tips

Add a tbsp of Blackstrap Molasses to your next protein shake.

Blackstrap Molasses is an excellent source of Potassium and Iron. The best part? It makes your protein shake taste like you understand what it feels like when doves cry. My personal recipe:2 scoops chocolate flavoured whey 1.5cups almond milk1/2cup cottage cheese (2%)1 tbsp almond/cashew butter1 tbsp Blackstrap MolassesBlend.

Ordering a weight vest? Let your mail room know...

I caused a bit of controversy today when my mailroom received a priority flat-rate box that 'weighed about 70lbs' and felt like 'cement packed in there'.... Just remember; just because you're a freak and want to run around with a bunch of weight strapped to your body, doesn't mean that other people want to ;0)

Salad is WAY easier to eat with chop sticks.

Use Google Maps to find out your gym's peak times.

I've been going to a new gym for about three months. I'm pretty busy so need to be in-and-out in 90 minutes - I can't afford to spend 15 minutes fucking around on my phone waiting for a squat rack. As a result I've tried to go off-peak times but it has involved a lot of trial/errorAnyway, although I knew of Google's "peak times," I've only just made the connection to use it to plan gym visits. Some insights from my gym:* The 5-8pm rush is really a 3-8pm rush, presumably due to school/uni students.* 5am is always quiet. 6am is also pretty quiet except Thursdays.* Friday is quieter in general.Of course, this method includes people on the bikes as much as it does people in the squat rack - so it's not perfect. Still, pro tip for anyone else as daft as me.

Squeeze your glutes during overhead press!.

Until I learned this tip for the overhead press, my form was extremely sloppy and all over the place. I was lifting in a "J-curve" around my face or I was leaning back too far and doing a weird standing incline bench instead. Once I learned to squeeze my glutes and abdominal muscles during the overhead press, everything magically fell into place. Try to imagine yourself as an unmovable pillar. It's really strange and unintuitive at first; why would my butt have anything to do with lifting something over my head? Once I started doing this, my form improved considerably!

How to weigh yourself every day and get stable readings with no fluctuations.

Weighing yourself every day can be problematic because you can fluctuate +- 2-4 pounds from day to day.Water, food, excrement, it can all add up to a significant difference in weight from day to day.Here's what I do...Create a new spreadsheet on .Then every morning for one week weigh yourself three times in the morning. If the readings are different each time, average them together.Now, on the seventh day, create another cell and set the value to:=average(A1:A7)This will use the average weight over the last seven days.'s an example.It isn't perfect. The trade off is that your estimated weight is a little heavier than your current accurate weight but the value is much more stable.

Making smelly shakers new again.

Found this post with some videos explaining how to get rid of that smell if you leave your shaker out etc.I heard also if you live your shaker in the freezer it kills the smell too. Either way, since I'm in college I need more chicken than buying new shaker cups so this is a life saver lol.How To Save Your Shaker From The Smell Of Death

Headphones getting in the way while deadlifting?.

Use an old sock as a holster for your mp3 player!

Keep moisture out of supplements.

Not sure others have this problem, but I often notice moisture sneak into my creatine and whey protein; leaving little clumps, and even sometimes what I worry is mold.Came up with this little trick that works really well. Pour the tea out of a tea bag and fill it with dry rice. Then, throw the satchel in your canister. The rice will absorb any water that sneaks it's way into your powder.

Take Negativity as a Challenge

The best thing when you start a fitness blog is how you respond to your audience. Even though it is always good to read positive comments about yourself, the negative comments also keep you motivated and inspired. You need to take everything on the chin that you receive in your comment section. When you enable commenting for a simple blog, you will receive both positive and negative comments. You must respond to the negative comments in a certain way. For example, if someone in the audience claims that he/she tried to adopt your recommended fitness tip but ended up hurting his/her back. You must reply to him/her by saying, “Hey! Can you elaborate on your scenario?”. It is a simple response that doesn’t involve a great deal of discussion.