Fishing tips

Document Everything

Your spouse won’t believe all your awesome stories, neither will your Instagram followers. Take amazing photos and show them. Make use of your camera mount. Other than proving to people that you had fun, photos capture moments beautifully. If you love to fish from a kayak with your family or friends, one day those pictures will mean so much.

Be Patient and Consistent

First, never rush your fishing trip. If you have something else to do, deal with it then go kayak fishing. An excellent angler, like a hunter, is patient. You have no idea how long it will take for you to get lucky. Be willing to wait. The more you stay in the water, the higher your chances of catching fish. Consistency. You can’t take out your kayak once a year and expect to be a pro. It takes time. You can watch all the tutorial videos and read all the guides, but practicing is the best way to learn. You will know what methods and equipment work for you. Your confidence also grows as you become more comfortable in a fishing kayak.

Utilize Technology

You use it in every other area of your life; why not in kayak fishing? Don’t be afraid to buy a fish finder or a fish tracker. There are also apps such as the FishSmart app which helps you plan your kayak fishing trips. Before you start getting all the gadgets and apps, make sure you are an excellent kayaker and angler. In many situations, your experience is more useful than technology.

Prioritize Safety

As kayaking continues to grow in popularity, more accidents are being reported. The sad part is that most of them can be prevented. People are choosing to go kayak fishing while under the influence and/or without PFDs. To be specific, alcohol use is the top cause of deaths in boating. Other causes include operator inexperience, overloading, inattention, among others. Be responsible. Do what you are required to do to kayak safely. Let people know where you are at all times. When you notice that the wind is getting powerful, paddle along the shore.

There Is No Failure in Kayak Fishing

You can feel defeated when you don’t catch anything or when your catches are not worth keeping (or Instagramming). But that does not qualify as a failure. Every fishing trip is a lesson. There will be bad days and good ones. Each one of them will teach you something. Learn to see the bright side. You went out, enjoyed the scenery, exercised your muscles, and maybe met with friends. That is a win.

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Remember that a really hard cast is going to lead to a backlash more than a soft cast that relies on form when using a baitcaster.

Once I realized this, my light lure casting was improved tenfold

Don't get attached to your bait

Best Baits For Surf Fishing

Check out the list of baits below. Just about all of them are brilliant for a whole range of fish, within reason. For example, big sharks won’t take sand worms, usually. And whiting won’t take live mullet. You know, be sensible. Wherever possible go live bait. Always go fresh. Collect your own when and where you can. It’s heaps of fun.

  • Bloodworms. Outstanding live
  • Sandworms. Outstanding live
  • Mullet. Live and whole dead. Strips and gut.
  • Crabs. Live and dead. Whole or in pieces
  • Shrimp. Outstanding live
  • Squid. Live and dead. Whole or in pieces
  • Flesh baits. Oily fish like Mackerel are great
  • Mole crabs/Sand crabs. Brilliant live – the best