Fishing tips

Sit and Watch

The best tip I’ve received was to just sit and watch. If there are other anglers there then you can just sit and enjoy the beautiful nature views for a few minutes. You should also be able to tell how often people are catching fish. Notice how people are catching trout when you’re watching. Are they using a bobber and fishing the top column? Are they using a weight with PowerBait and fishing off the bottom? Noticing these things will help you since you just need to replicate what’s working to catch your own rainbow trout. I hope these tips and tricks help you land your next rainbow trout. The moral of the story is to keep testing different combinations until something works. If you found this list helpful then please share this with your fishing crew and add this to your Pinterest board by clicking on the image above.

First Aid Kit

All being well, you may not encounter any medical emergencies while fishing. Though small injuries frequently happen such as getting a hook trapped in your thumb. Under these circumstances, you need to have a compact first aid kit. It doesn’t need to be an advanced kit. Simply compile together basic things such as some bandages, Neosporin, and waterproof medical tape. Your kit should be enough to take care of your most fishing-related wounds.

Needle Nose Pliers

Needle nose pliers are frequently required to take the hooks out of the fish once you catch them. They make a useful addition to your fishing gear.

A Couple Of Lures

Your hook and worm should be enough for your fishing needs. At times, you may want to get complex lures to take your game to another level. There are several types of lures available on the market such as minnow imitations, spinners, and spoons. Every lure type is specially designed to attract fish. For instance, the minnow imitations are lures that appear to be small swimming minnows. These lures attract many medium to large-sized fish to chomp on minnows. Spinners have a blade connected to create a spinning action and appeal to all those delicious fish. You can use this lure as per your personal preference. Keep on experimenting to find out what goes best for your tackle box.

Plastic Worms

If you are fond of live bait, you will love to have plastic worms in your tackle box particularly if you are bass fishing. Plastic worms are commonly available in diverse colors and sizes. These worms have long tails and are the easiest to use.


A hook and worm are very lightweight to sink deeply. Therefore, you need to connect a sinker to your fishing rig and maintain balance. Typically, sinkers are made of lead, brass, steel, tungsten, and bismuth. Choose as per your requirements.


Bobbers or floaters assist you against the bites of fish. As soon the fish bites, the bobber sinks and you get ready to reel your catch again. Most people prefer red and white round plastic bobbers. They make a good option but you need to clip them to the line and secure it. However, the round bobbers to some extent limit how deep you can cast a line. For this, you may want to opt for a slip bobber that allows you to glide it up and down. Though they may take time to rig, many anglers feel that this extra effort is worth it particularly for deepwater fishing.


Equip your tackle box with different hooks so you are ready for any kind of fish. You may want to opt for J-hook or French hook. Hooks are available in various sizes so you can choose one according to the requirements and playing style. Small hooks are challenging for the fish to identify. The dimensions of your bait primarily determine the appropriate hook size.


During fishing, remember you are in the sun all day long. To prevent yourself from any skin condition, carrying a sunscreen is a good idea. You may not remember putting in on while leaving your home. Just keep it in your gearbox and you will be reminded every time you open the box.

Line Cutter

At times, you may encounter a snag that will interrupt your fishing activity. Though a pocket knife can do this job done effectively, nail clippers make a great choice to cut your line. It’s quick and efficient.