Top 10 Fasting tips

Listen to Your Body When Doing Your 24 Hour Fast

Finally, there will be moments when you want to eat and don’t want to push through. Staying positive, drinking water, and resting could be best here – but also, if you become shaky or actually NEED food, then it is totally okay to end your fast. If you are someone who is sensitive to not eating and have troubles with blood sugar levels, fasting might not be for you. For people who check with their doctors and know the potential dangers of fasting, listening to your body will be very important for completing your fast successfully. If you get a headache (which is very common and a sign your body is flushing out toxins), drinking more water will be critical for your success. Being self-aware is incredibly important for success in this world, and being healthy rather than fainting or becoming sick because you tried to push through is a better scenario.

Mute Audio

Use ⌘Cmd+Shift+A (PC: Alt+A) to mute/unmute your audio.

Drink Herbal (Calorie-Free) Teas

This is one of the best tips that I got from a fellow YouTuber that has videos on fasting. I got a box of throat coat herbal tea and had 2 to 3 large 32-ounce tumblers of that per day. This really helped when I was feeling hungry because the warmth of the tea would make me feel satiated. If I had seen this one I would have tried it for sure!

Rest Your Body

When I started researching water fasting on YouTube, I found that a lot of people overdid it and it caused them physical harm, or it caused them to end their fast prematurely. I wanted to avoid this at all costs, so I made a daily plan of what I was going to do each day. Thankfully, I work from home so this part was pretty easy for me.

Integrate a Floating App

The iPadOS 14 isn’t limited to viewing two apps at a time. You can bring in a third floating app in Slide Over view. Drag in an app from the Dock and drop it on top of the two active apps. The floating app will stay on top, and you can move it to the left or the right. You can dismiss it as well by swiping horizontally off the screen (and bring it back later).

Listen to your body.

Pay attention to your energy levels, moods and emotions, hunger and food cravings, and how you feel overall. Fasting is the perfect time to get in touch with your body’s cues. With all the distractions in our everyday lives, it’s easy to get out of touch with these signals. But our bodies often show us what they need. You’ll find that over time fasting can help you get back in touch with these cues.


I had been trying to improve my speed for months and I was not seeing much improvement. Once I slowed down and started being more accurate instead of trying to type faster I started seeing an increase in my typing speed. I feel more in control as well. I still have a way to go for my personal goal but am pleased to see that I am now improving and relaxing more. Learn to be accurate first then improve speed. Because if you make mistakes all the time the longer it will take you to type. Every time you backspace takes longer than if you slow down just a tad so you can type accurately. I still makes a lot of mistakes but I realize when I slow down to be accurate I actually tend to type slightly faster.

What to Eat After Breaking Your 24 Hour Fast

After reaching 24 hours, ease into eating with some fruit or vegetables, and then once you know your body is ready, you can eat a bigger meal. You don’t want to go too fast into eating a big meal (even if you are super hungry at this point)! Your body was getting used to not having a lot, and it might reject your meal if you eat too fast or too much.


For new typists: Practice. Get used to the home keys work to the point where you do not need to look at both what you are typing, or your fingers on the keyboard. For advanced typists: Practice. Develop muscle memory for typing certain types of commonly used letter parings. Identify the combinations of letters for certain words that give you trouble and practice typing them in particular to the point where you no longer need to think when doing so. My tip to improve your typing speed is to not only practice often, but practice correctly. Try to get rid of bad typing habits and replace them with good ones. For example, you should use every single finger when typing instead of relying on the use of fingers with which you're most comfortable. Full utilization of both hands is necessary to achieve your highest typing potential.

Turn Off Video

To quickly turn video off/on, hit ⌘Cmd+Shift+V (PC: Alt+V).