Top 10 Fasting tips

Work questions out of order.

Spending too much time on the hardest problems means you may rush through the easiest. Instead of working questions in order, ask yourself whether a question is a Do Now, Later, or Never. No need to agonize—this decision can be made very quickly:

  • NOW: Does a question look okay? Do you know how to do it? Do it now.
  • LATER: Will this question take a long time to work? Leave it and come back to it later. Circle the question number for easy reference.
  • NEVER: Know the topics that are your worst, and learn the signs that flash danger. Don’t waste time on questions you should never do. Instead, use more time to answer the Now and Later questions accurately.

Choose a “Letter of the Day.

Just because you don’t work a question doesn’t mean you don’t answer it. There is no penalty for wrong answers on the ACT, so you should never leave any blanks on your answer sheet. When you guess on Never questions, pick your favorite two-letter combo of answers and stick with it. For example, always choose A/F or C/H. If you’re consistent, you’re more likely to pick up points.

Unlock iPad with a Space bar

This is a handy trick for those planning to use the Magic Keyboard with the iPad Pro. Simply double click on the space bar to wake up the iPad screen. If you are already looking at the display, then it will log you in using Face ID. The face authentication works in both the portrait and landscape orientation.

Forget the right answer—find the wrong ones.

Multiple-choice tests offer one great advantage: They provide the correct answer right there on the page. ACT hides the correct answer behind wrong ones, but when you cross off just one or two wrong answers, the correct answer can become more obvious.

Know the best way to bubble in.

If you’re worried about accidentally filling in the wrong bubble on your answer sheet, this tip will save your score. Work a page at a time on English and Math and a passage at a time on Reading and Science. Circle your answers right on the booklet. Then, transfer a page’s worth of answers to the answer sheet at one time. It’s better to stay focused on working questions rather than disrupt your concentration to find where you left off on the scantron.

Invest In a Fast Charger

The 2021 M1 iPad Pro comes with a 20W USB-C charger out of the box. It will take you around three hours to charge the device. The iPad Pro can actually charge at speeds of up to 27W, faster than the 20W charger which Apple bundles with it. For convenience, we would advise you to buy a 30W Apple-certified charger to juice up the iPad from 0%-100% in around two hours. There are actually plenty of them available on Amazon for a relatively low price.

Tailor your strategy to each section of the ACT.

Check out our test-taking tips for each section of the ACT:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Essay

Use iPad to Charge Your iPhone

One of the reasons to include the M1 chip inside the iPad Pro is to deliver class-leading performance without compromising on battery life. On the flip side, you will likely find yourself in a situation where your iPhone is low on charge. In such a scenario, you can use your iPad Pro to charge your iPhone. Simply connect your iPhone to your iPad Pro using a USB Type-C to Lightning cable, and you are good to go. In fact, it can charge your Nintendo Switch and other USB-C devices using the iPad Pro as well.

Connect External Devices

iPadOS 14 now allows support for external storage drives or SD cards to your iPad Pro. Connect it to the iPad using the Type-C port, and you can access media files using the Files app on the device. This is a dream-come-true scenario for all the content creators out there. The M1 iPad Pro actually supports Thunderbolt connectivity, so you can connect high-bandwidth storage devices to it without an issue.

Zin/Unzip Files

Gone are the days when you needed a third-party app to zip or unzip files on the iPad. The default Files app allows you to compress or uncompress files on the device.